Magick that went not quite as planned

When i first started, I summoned an angel from one of Damon Brands books to help me to get customers not to be so stingy and be more laid back as almost every bill i had to round down because there was never the right change So donning my voldamort persona i went into my den and did the ritual
next morning my wife asked me to go to the shop for some bread and gave me £20 and told me to keep the change … how can i say this politely she is the most careful person on the planet when it comes to money and for about five weeks i had to keep returning money to her bank account …it was most odd
And the customers were still stingy Happy days


But what went not as planned? With Damon Brand your goal was bring money in your pocket or back account.

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Yes but in my mind when I did the ritual I wanted my customers paying up .And yes your right it went really well considering if you knew my wife and how careful she is with money you would understand, and the fact they were able to loosen her purse strings was amazing but as I was looking for money for us it sort of misfired. I am now more in tune with the expression “Be specific” :grinning: