Magick Staff?

I am considering making a magick Staff. I have a 5ft piece of 1" copper tubing that I can engrave a seal or seals on. This one is currently non purposed. I have another one that I have already made and it is filled with various materials including an 8" long, beautiful Quartz Chrystal inside all interior components are poured with fiberglass resin. It is very heavy however and it has several seals hand engraved on it. I was thinking of making a specific one dedicated to a specific Demon but I would like the community’s input on the contents to be placed inside. I was thinking about dedicating this one to the Demon Goddess Bune. On the other hand I could inscribe Buens seal on the older one but I am not sure how well it would work. On the new one I could not only inscribe Buens seal but also include the seals of the intelligence of the sun, the square of the sun and the governors seal Och. . I was also thinking I could coat the entire Staff with a copper/tin/silver alloy as copper is for Dukes and tin is for spirits of Jupiter and silver is in itself universal. Now with that said, I would appreciate any input on the use of the older staff and the experiment of making a new specific purpose staff.
Any thoughts?