Hello dear friends I would like to ask you for help I don’t get it when I come across in occult books Magick SQUERES with letters in it and most time there is written this is how to make magick circle …??? Can someone explaine me magick SQUERES and there workings in rituals what are they ? Or give me some info where can I find information on that topic ? Thanks in advance greetings

The squaresnare the Channel to connect with djinns or spirits, you can use them like sigils and charge them or evoke them.

The planetary squares are typically used to make sigils, as Finiz said, and the Abramelin squares are used to command spirits to confer powers or things to the magician.

WoW cool I thought there is some hidden message in it or some kind of math to be done and I dint know that it’s kind off sigil thank you finiz and catmacken I am very thankful for the lesson I got from you both