Magick Squares

I would like to know how they work??? The ones E.A has in his book.

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They work the same way as a spirit sigil.


Most of the ones ive heard of originate from the abramelin operations. You use them same as your would a spirit sigil. Except you are evoking a host of spirits instead of one. Ya pick the one that aligns with your goal draw it open it like ya would a sigil then when ya have it open task the spirits with the goal you have in mind. I Usally visualize the end result for 5-10 minutes. Haven’t tried many of them out yet.

You can find the list in book 3 of Sacred Magic of Abramelin.


Which book are you talking about?

Mastering evocation there’s a few in there but I wanted to try the money one out and then there’s one he talks of giants so that’s next. But I didn’t know how they worked.

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Thanks for the info so the names going across are the spirits?

On that i am not entirely sure. :thinking:

Ah. Okay. I asked what book because the squares in Kingdoms of Flames aren’t spirit squares but astral gateways to the various kingdoms.

On the money square, yes, the letters in the square are the names of the spirits. In the evocation course workbook, EA included the incomplete square, but if you search the forum, you will find the completed square.

They both work.


Yes I was wondering why there’s letters missing. So you’ve tried it?

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I have, yes. I used the completed square and was successful.

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Amazing dude thanks I’ll try it out tonight. Do I chant the names and charge it like a sigil?

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Open it like a sigil, and as it opens, the names will flash up one at a time. As they do, call out to the spirit, “Seqor, bring to me (state the amount of money you need), Roqes, bring to me (amount), etc”

Then carry the square with you until the money arrives.