Magick seeing and hearing things could be insanity

OK real talk what’s the fine line between magick third eye senses and pure insanity like schizophrenia… reason why I ask is truth be told I am off my depression meds been for a week now and also been working on my third eye astral senses… okay so twice lately I have heard disembodied voices… one just now that sounded like a young child I think it said hey get up or hey he’s here or hey over here and the other day I heard a female voice and thought it was my mom saying something she was asleep and I got chills goosebumps it was also late at night… side note I keep getting the vision of Satan in the form of a small child young boy and the voice I just heard sounded like that… uh whats going on…

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Are you supposed to take those meds? Do you have permission to not be taking them? Like a doctor said its ok?

well uh no I just ran out picking them up in a few days… :confounded:

Coming off hard medication can affect you mentally and if you’re working on your 3rd eye then it can lead to what you’re experiencing- how long have you been off?

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I suppose the difference is in how helpful your voices are. If they torment you or provide unreliable information, then you have a problem.

I think this is how the Catholic church determined that Joan of Arc wasn’t insane. Her voices (Saints as she called them) provided truthful insights as opposed to the unorganized or harmful rantings of an unhinged mind.

When it all comes down to it, though, I’ve not heard of a single psychiatrist who wouldn’t have diagnosed her, a shaman, or anyone else as mentally fit. Mental illness, for the most part, is a matter of culture.


Well traditionally the way to tell the difference is if you have full manifestation of spirit or deity.

This is how all ancient priesthoods operated, the initiate would develop their senses to the fullest, only then would they be allowed and shown how to evoke with a high probability of success.


a week ran out of them so had no choice to go without them

should also note my dreams have been vivid and I can remember them never could do that before magick and meditating

Are you in the position to get more? Because if it’s a prescribed med and the doctor told you to stop taking them, they would help you ease into it instead of cold turkey.

But if you enjoy having the voices and talking to them and you think they’re helpful then it’s really a decision of what you want to do


yeah I have to pick them up but just been doing a ton of third eye meditation and working on astral projection and clairvoyance the meds have also imo been spiritually blocking me…

just lowkey whispering first was female second sounded like a child I got chills when hearing these two so know they are not from outside or a TV etc…

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How do you feel rn without them?

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It makes me thing of my own experiences

i had to find a solution to this too.
the line between “the science” and mental illness is incredibly thin and must not be ignored. having mentally ill persons in my family i am very careful about this aspect of magic.
basically i created a radionic system in my mind to asses actual spiritual influence and experience and to sift out and report internal thought and hallucination.

i see something and i let my divine energies determine if its reality or fantasy. and then i banish fantasy from my mind.


A good way to tell between imagined senses and real senses is when you sense something and then there is a material effect of what you detected. For instance a spirit tells me something will happen and then it happens in the given time frame or just recently one of my created familiars said it was getting fed up with someone and asked permission to teach them a lesson. I gave him permission and later that day they repeatably slam their leg into a table from repeated muscle spasms when they started to get annoying and by slamming their leg into the table I mean very hard and painfully. Various other things like that or seeing a flow of energy that you know will alter the weather when all forecasts indicate nothing happening but it still does. In time you learn to pick out the true information from these experiences and the false and you tune out what isn’t real. You just have to practice and stay aware. Thought control helps a lot in this regard.


Depression and schizophrenia are two different things.
People with depression don’t “hear voices”.

Most doctors will have you gradually lessen because just stopping can cause side effects but again someone on depression meds isn’t going to have schizophrenic tendencies.

What meds are you taking and why exactly? Each one is very specific.
If they are blocking as much as you say, you’re probably over medicated as well and should talk to your doctor.
Be honest, if you have too tell them a little about what you believe otherwise they will not care much about the blockage.

There is a difference even to them.


I think that the people that have schizophrenia are somehow blessed/cursed with that for some reasons. 2-3 hours ago the subject of schizophrenia and a specific person that suffers of that disease and starts to go crazy and mental ilnesses and all that stuff was brought in some personal discussion. Btw, that specific person was mentioning some things about devils and things, that he sees devils, that he senses things, etc. I really don’t know what it is/was in the mind of that specific individual, but I consider that it’s not a pure coincidence the fact that you brought in discussion things in regards schizophrenia and bla bla bla.

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I’ve only heard voices three times, twice unbidden, as in, not in active conversation with a spirit, and it never occurred to me that I could be schizophrenic. I think it takes a lot more symptoms happening in a cluster to indicate something like that.

Voices happening directly after you have been working on opening your third eye sound more like a successful result. I’d be more inclined to think your house has a few more people in it than just the living ones. Acid test - do some banishing and see if they go away.


depression meds about 40mg

From what I know 40mg isn’t base level but it’s not high either.
Some are for borderline bipolar and some will be used for insomnia too that’s why I was wondering.

I suggest talking to your doctor first but maybe a smaller dose would help with the blockage.
If you’re having issues zoning out, sexually or feeling overly emotionless while on it the doctors would adjust or change the dose/kind of meds your taking.

This is if you’re uncomfortable bringing beliefs up, which I don’t blame you at all on.
Looking out for physical ticks while on them can also help make sure your balanced.

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