Magick Repetition & best approach

So, I’m very new to Magick but have been performing a few workings. I have tried several rituals & expected results but avoided from lusting for them, as I know that strangles the magick. It seems that my workings have been weak or produced no results at all, which was frustrating. Does it make a difference if I use my laptop or print out the sigils/talismans on paper? Will that have a stronger effect than on a laptop screen? Also, it sometimes seems that repeating a particular ritual never has the effect I want, but rather, produces the opposite of what I requested from the spiritual entities. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

In my opinion it’s better to draw it and put intent behind it, the more process and emotion you put into it the better the results will be is what I’ve noticed.

Are you cleansing beforehand?


Should I perform a banishing ritual beforehand?

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I would if you are seeing reversed desires, yes. Cleanse and ground yourself.

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That’s what I recommend most.
Banishing does not work for me
well but grounding improves my works.


It’s different with each magician, different things work better for different people, just focus your intent and you should be fine. I also just recommend drawing it too, I’ve never used computer/laptop screens because I feel as if the output of energy from the device will throw me off aligned.


I edited digital sigils into pictures of people I know and wore they nearly with me (in a special folder on my phone)… When you make contact once for this it works.


May I ask how you ground yourself? @Marik
I only got this effective method from my shamanic friend: I sit on the inner sides of my hands for about 20 minutes. I’m confident with that.
Can feel energy flowing nowadays.

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Lady Eva’s method on this in the comments works fantastic

This is so important. Emotion is one of the greatest fuels for magick, so without emotion in your ritual, you’re not giving the magick any gas to work with. This also helps avoid lust for result, as you can remember how your emotions were transformed in the ritual.

You make the object something Koetting called a ‘fetish link’ imo. It’s your ‘‘Od’’. You load it with “Od”.

Thank you Senoc.

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I prefer to draw myself, to send my energy and emotions to it, think it works better.
Hm, interesting, cause in chaos magik, it’s believe that you can’t repeat your system. Every ritual that you creat can only be use once.

I just feel like perhaps I set out the wrong intention when I perform the magick.

That’s part of why I feel like I should do it over again.

Beforehand, write down your intentions, put intent and emotion into writing the intention, it will help out alot.

You definitely want to draw the sigil. You are using your energy to do this and it starts the process of connecting with that energy.

If you keep repeating spells it won’t work. In order for magic to work you must believe that your results will be successful. It also helps if you refrain from thinking about a spell or talking about it once you release it. If you keep repeating it you are sabotaging yourself. Spell can work slowly. If you need faster results working with an entity or spirit of some sort can speed things up.

Is it okay to do the ritual again if I feel that I have sabotaged it with too much lust for result? What I mean is, will the spirit not want to help me anymore?