Magick practice areas of interest (journal)

Okay, so after spending some time here and kinda getting my feet wet I’ve started to realize what types of magick/energy currents interest me, and vibe well with me.

One is Sigil Magick, specifically opening sigils to communicate to demons (and have also done for 1-2 angels), as well as making my own sigils with my own various intents. I prefer this because I can implement my creativity into the creation of the sigil – which makes it feel ALL THE MORE personal to ME.

I definitely vibe well with dark and earthy energy. I have been working with Lady Lilith (plan to throughout my lifetime), and have on occasion communicated to some demons (Murmur,etc) – as well as considered others. Now earth energy wise, well I definitely feel strongly drawn to it…but I’m IFFY to work with say fae, for example. Given their reputation of mistrust for humans (which is completely understandable) – I just don’t wanna get on their bad side by accident :grimacing::grimacing:.

The most I’ll do is maybe work with Lady, Mother Gaia.

Another area of interest is working with crystals, sound, and other various forms of energy to strengthen my own intent/energy to manifest said desires of mine. I do alot of energy work (although I’m still not as effective as I would like to be), and will often use music to get me in a altered state of mind, and have been experimenting with some things as well.

Not sure if anyone else has done this, but for me I use music not ONLY to get me into an trance like state, but to move energy throughout my body. I basically “move/focus” the sounds (of the music) throughout my body and really FEEL it in different areas - like my stomache, heart, arms, etc. It’s been quite effective and gets to the point where I actually mentally displace the sound so I feel/hear it not from my head/ears but say in my stomache/elsewhere. I’ll also “project” the sound outwards (mentally) and will feel it like that. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve also played around with Jar Spells, and well my money jar seems to be still working! I’ve been having alot of opportunities to make money which I hadn’t had before making the jar. So I’m very glad about that!

Other things that I’ve done are lucid dreaming (dream work) which I wish to get back into, and something I am working towards is projection (etheric/Physical NOT astral).

That’s my update so far!