Magick on other's behalf

I’m interested in how magick for others is done. The basics seem obvious, just switch up you intention. Instead of “I have ten dollars” it would be “person xyz has ten dollars.”

So my question is how do you make sure the magick connects with them? Like most rituals have components that help make the manifestation easier, for example by draining you of your desire so you don’t lust for results. But that kind of benefit wouldn’t transfer to them, which would seem to make the ritual less effective. So how do you make up for it?

Rituals for hire online usually asks for a combination of three things; name, birthdate, and a recent photo. What would the spellcaster do with these things? Would those items be necessary if you personally know the person you’re doing work for, or only for strangers online?

Does the person’s lust for results matter, or only yours? What are the difference of results of doing magick for others without their knowledge vs with their knowledge and consent?

Would be interested in hearing in hearing what you guys have to say, but I’m particularly interested in hearing from people who have done work for others.

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I guess it’s enough if you just put the intention there, but you can also kind of connect the person’s energy in the meditative state and then do the spell work. Just remember to close the energetic connection at some point. The results are logically better if the aim of the spell aligns with the person’s own interests.

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Sorry for the belated reply.

Yep that is a key part in my view.

With the approach you’re referring to, you would do it the same way.
The person you are doing this for (I’m assuming) doesn’t know you’re doing it.
So what you’re looking at here is your desire for them to get what you want them to get and your lust for that result.

Pro tip, if you are having trouble with lust for results, Kevashiel is brilliant for nixing this.

There are differing opinions on this. But for me personally, by knowing them I already have a connection to leverage. I actually find paraphernalia a distraction most of the time.

Of course all things can vary depending on what you are trying to do for/to others and how you intend to go about it

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Sorry to double post, but in terms of the first part of my response - if you are using a process featuring emotional transmutation: don’t try to simulate in yourself their sense of lack (or whatever the ‘before emotion’ may be) and simulate feeling whatever they will feel when they get etc…

You’re the operator of the process, even though it’s for them.
So feel YOUR sense of lack or other relevant emotion at them not having whatever it is you want to give them.
Then at the end you try to generate the feeling that YOU will have once they get what you are trying to give them.

Not sure if I explained that well?

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You explained it well. The timing is pretty good as I was literally thinking about this earlier today. I was wondering if I should put myself in their shoes or to focus on my own feelings. So that question is answered, thank you.

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