Magick Of Ancient Ireland

Hey. I have ancestors who were Irish. Republic of Ireland they have always been from which were the ones who have been there the longest before the Anglo Saxons came in (Or Romans, Cannot remember lol). I was just wondering what you know of any Ancient Ireland Magik? I have not ooked in to it yet but sounds like i may have a connection to it.

I presume that you would like to start with research of the Druids & Celts, which is more the ‘folk magick’ of Ancient Ireland as far as I can tell, having a close relationship with modern Wicca; presumably being it’s direct predecessor.

Consequently, it appears the Golden Dawn (Omgz don’t kill me BALG) has their own branch of Druidic practitioners:

However, I have never practiced this beyond the Kabbalistic conception of Sylphs, Gnomes, etc.

You may also want to look into what Michael Tsarion is doing these days…I hear he’s Irish, who knows.