Magick manifesting ahead of time?

When I was making my jupiterian cashbox, I was in somehow half progress (needed to obtain some more stuff to complete it) but even before I could finish it it started drawing money to me.

Seems like linear time was defeated here.

Do you guys have similar experiences of magick manifesting even before you can either finish your ritual/working or even before you start doing it? Like person coming to you apologizing after you planned to doom him?


This is an example by crowley. If you did a money spell on Monday and then Wednesday a check arrived in the mail for you was it the result of your money spell? Obviously the check was prepared much earlier and then the time spent in the post… The answer is yes it was a result of your money spell.

Magick can infact defeat or supercede the concept of linear time. That would be my view.


As authors like Damon Brand have written, magick can move forward and backward through time to influence events, so yes, it happens.


On another note, Princeton’s PEAR laboratory proved human consciousness can influence events retroactively, in other words, backwards through time, so the question then becomes, “was it the powers of your cashbox that brought the money, or was it your intention to draw money while you were building it?” :thinking:


If that is a serious question, then, to me, it doesn’t matter. It’s similar to ordering an item and waiting for a guy to deliver it - I don’t care who, or what kind of courier service does it.


It is a serious question, and one worth pondering, in my opinion.

Where does the magician’s influence end, and the “external” forces influence begin? Or are they really one and the same?

Spiritual traditions the world over have posited that we create our reality through our consciousness, and the phenomenon magicians know as “lust for result” shows that what we focus on affects our spells, even when supposedly external forces like demons and angels are involved, so it begs the question, where does our involvement in the magick end? :thinking:

Congratulations on your success, by the way, and thank you for the interesting question to ponder :slight_smile:


The question is beyond my comprehension at this point. Similar to buddhist koans.

I don’t say I will never get interested in the science behind the veil, but it’s not something my path is about, at least for now. The thing is - for using a computer you don’t need to understand how every electronic component inside it works.

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@anon48079295 this thread has some examples of what I meant when i said this:

Of course, not every event is caused by magick (I’ve even seen some events that seemed like it was related to my magick but divination revealed that it was not. Although I find that when it genuinely feels like it was, then it usually is), but the circumstances around some of these things are too much to just dismiss it. I’ll have to do divination the next time something like this happens, but for the OP, many have noticed this and there are experienced occultists this is how things work. I’ve also had some cases where this happened to me.

Sounds very interesting to love into, thanks for mentioning that. I’ll have to look into it.

And of course, since magick also works through ‘coincidence’, it could very well be the magick that added extra power to it to bring to reality.