Magick Journal question

Hey everyone,

I’m thinking of making a journal of my magickal growth but I’m not sure where to start. I have a blank book I’m looking at on wish that I think would cool to write everything in…Any tips or advice on how to get started/what to write down??

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It’s fairly simple. Just note down the date, what ritual/spell you did, anything that you think might influence it such as moon phases or planetary hours or interruptions.

If you evoked an entity for knowledge then you can write down your questions and the answers you received.

If you performed magick for a certain manifestation, leave some space so you can come back at a later date and note if the ritual/spell was successful and note possible reasons why it was or wasn’t.

The point is to write down anything that you might think is important so you can track your progress. If, for example, you note down that you tried void meditation but kept pulling yourself out of it tonight, and then 2 months later you make note that you had a very successful void meditation, you can look back and smile at how far you’ve come :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advice on truly appreciate it!! If I may ask also, I only one form of ritual currently & that’s from the Three Practical rituals for 72 Demons book I’ve read, & inside that book it says I’m suppose to forget about it otherwise it could null my results to sum it up, would me writing it down in the book affect my results?? I’m still a beginner magician, & I would love to learn other forms of spell casting when working with demons as well I apologize for the ignorance :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Try to write down everything even if you question it, you’ll regret it later if not. Just write it down and create a new segment for your next session if you’d like. You don’t necessarily have to forget it but move on without expecting it to unfold instantly, that’s like what Lady Eva says in her evocation guide, do normal activities afterwards.


I mostly do what @DarkestKnight described for my journal, and I also will write down my thoughts when I feel like doing so, along with any interesting magickal occurrences and results that I have seen recently. On each page for a ritual, I will write down my request, my thoughts around the situation, and any needed clarifications to guide the demon so that they know how to work in the best way for me.

The most important thing is to write freely and easily. Don’t worry about being right or wrong, just let the words come to you.

As for Lust for Result, the problem arises when you constantly think about a ritual and worry about whether or not it’s working. This fear is the opposite of the mindset you want, which is calm certainty. If you do find yourself doubting the magick or losing patience, recall the feeling that you had during the ritual when you gave your command to the demon. Relish in the power, and then occupy your mind with something else.


I will defaintly thank you!! Where could I find Lady Evas evocation guide?? I would love to learn much more about Magick!!

I’ve been thinking about writing my journal in the cypher language provided by the book I read so no one else could read it but the demons & I, do you think it’s counteractive for me to do this or would work against me in any way?? I sometimes find myself lusting for the results but I understand that it takes time & I’m able to let the feelings go very easily…I’m also still layering the spell but I’m putting a little time in between each spell just to be safe

No. Write everything down in your journal immediately after you perform the ritual, and then forget about the magick and put the journal away until next time.

That’s usually what I do, and if a synchronicity happens, I’ll grab the journal and note it down.


Sounds good once I get my journal I’m definitely going to start doing that!! Thank you!! Would a feather pen & quill suffice??

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If it makes it more impressive for you, then yes. Otherwise, a normal ballpoint works fine.


All comes down to preference?? I think that’s sounds good!!:blush::blush:I would help channel my Magick if that makes sense…Give it that OLD school kind of vibe & it would keep it separate from my pens that way my Magick won’t get tainted


Hippyhair here is the link to her guide for you

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I use a normal notebook, a normal pencil, and I write in plain English. If you feel that taking the time to learn this cypher fluently would be helpful or enjoyable to you, then by all means do what you want to do. Personally, I prefer to use more convenient methods, and to use my extra time experiencing magick, or perhaps some mundane pleasure.

I also advise against too much layering as a beginner. This is a technique that can be quite effective, but it can also lead one to believe that their magick is not effective, and that an entire pile of rituals is required to achieve a good effect. This is not the case.

The idea with layering is that you target many different facets of a given situation, employing a variety of powers to work in harmony towards a chosen outcome. This approach can allow for truly glorious results, with many powers coming together to achieve something greater than any one alone could, but it requires a greater degree of trust and wisdom to use well.

You do not, for instance, want multiple powers working on the same thing, and especially not in conflicting ways. That does not lead to harmony, but confusion and stagnation. You also do not want to direct magick at too many situations all at once, as again this does not lead to harmony, but entanglement.

If this is something that you would like to get better at, there are several demons in the book who could help you improve your magickal skills.


Thank you!! :grin::grin:

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Thank you for your advice!! I believe it might help me improve in magick, & when I go to write a command, prior to a ritual, & the demons name throughout the ritual it would make things smother overall, instead of learning how to write the demons name prior, or bringing in a copy of what I wrote into the ritual with me & copying it. I also don’t want curious eyes to find it & be able to read what I write, & about whom I’m writing about, & taking demons to help me reaquire if that makes sense.

I appreciate you saying this, I’ve casted 2 spells already, but on different aspects of what I want my end goal to be… I’m not sure if my target is still in a relationship or not, & tbh I’m a little worried of finding out the answer to that question, but if she is then I want to cast a discord spell to help my end goal as well

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