Magick Journal - An Effort to be Consistent

In my introduction to the forum, I wrote about not getting myself organized or being consistent with my magickal practice. I’ve decided to journal my daily practice here in the form of what I get up to concerning magick. The whole point of me joining was to engage more with the wider community.


  • Adapted belly breathing (two short breaths in through the nose and one long exhale out through the mouth) 5-10 times

  • LBRP

  • Ritual to eat more healthily

I would like to add that I have struggled with my weight going up and down for years, but since I moved to another country, I’ve ballooned 20 kg. Over the last few months I’ve gotten control of my weight, stabilized, and it’s finally going down, albeit slowly. The diet is holding me back though. Since enlisting magick, it’s as if all these little support networks that never existed before just appeared!


A couple very basic principles I’ve learned about magic over the past couple years:

  1. Invest in the magick and by that I mean do something to help the magick do its thing. Don’t force it but make some effort. With that in mind, I started doing some research into my own health journey. Not that I haven’t don’t so before, but previously I’ve been all or nothing and ended in failure for the best part of 20 years through a multitude of fad diets and lack of knowledge.

With that in mind, my little bit of effort after my ritual seems to have literally thrown up a diamond amongst all the rough on YouTube. Dr. Mike Diamond: licensed doctor, champion bodybuilder, self experimenter. It’s early days so I won’t go on but maybe this can form part of my journal.

  1. Don’t force the magick or choose wisely. I’m writing this as a kick up the backside for myself. There are a couple times over the past few year LLs where I’ve thrown out a bunch of rituals aimed at something, gotten a weak result, then repeated at least the main ritual multiple times in the hope something will change. These are usually wants or desires that are quite out of reach. Either I must be more realistic or more patient.

Since my last post I’ve done the LBRP a couple times, but I should be doing it every day.

TY :slight_smile:

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Long post alert!

TL DR: Need to start afresh; too many rituals/spells/lust for results while not keeping track of work has led to getting completely mixed up; going to do some simple protection and cleansing work for a month or so before moving forward.

I’ve decided that I need a bit of a clear-out. I was skimming through a range of different magick books I’ve purchased over the years, some beginner texts that I have used extensively, some with varied rituals like Demons of Magick also from GoM which I have used sparingly, and other more advanced grimoires which I have read but not used. I realized that I highlighted, took notes, wrote down which rituals/spells I completed but these notes are all over the place and most are lost. I have a slight memory of some of the work I have done but my book keeping - or is it called a shadow book? - is quite frankly missing. I’m annoyed with myself.

I reckon that in order to get something of a clean slate I need to cleanse myself of any fuck ups, entanglements, interferences, or problems I may have caused myself due to not keeping track of my work, throwing out a multitude of rituals at one issue (lusting after results) and just being a general klutz who has gotten himself in a proper muddle.

I read through the GoM’s Magickal Protection book, and the parts I was looking for were already highlighted, which reminded me that I had gone through this process a couple of years back when I first became interested in magick.

The GoM’s rituals are simple but effective - I can attest to that. Last year, I received a call for a job offer out of the blue for a position that rarely opens up in my field in my area. About 5 weeks ago, the exact same thing happened but now with a different company who offered better terms, so I am now leaving the company that offered the job last year. However, I digress…

At the very least. I will work on the Sword Banishing Ritual in addition to their 33 day Master Protection Ritual. I remember working on these in the past, but I don’t remember if I reached the full 33 days due to not keeping proper notes! My intuition tells me that I should also perform the Ritual to Banish Parasites. Also as my family and I are moving home, I will perform the Ritual to Cleanse any Space.

That’s a lot of rituals, but I think it best to reset and start afresh as best I can before moving forward.

TY :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still losing weight which is good. I’ve been moving house this past week so I haven’t been as consistent with the Master Protection Ritual.

I feel there are moments when I could steal the time to complete those rituals, but those are usually when I end up getting disturbed. Still, there are easily 10 minutes in a day when I’m messing about on my phone, but I like to be alone when doing magick.

Last year, I had some unfinished business with an old buddy of mine and I wanted to clear the air face-to-face; however, any ritual I completed with regards to making that happen just seemed to not work, or I thought they lived too far away so they could easily avoid catching up. I did one last ritual using Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose to try and push the issue towards a conclusion.

I met a family member of my old friend’s, and they told me he might be visiting soon due to a family event, so I will find out in due course. Things are finally moving!