Magick in the astral plane?

Can I practice some rituals or spells in the astral plane(out of body)?
And is it good like practicing it in the physical plane or not?


@Mehdi84667 It’s meant to be a lot more powerful.

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You can definitely practice on the astral plane.

Most practices will be easier to do, because you’ll see the effects taking place on the astral away right away, before they start forming in the physical, so you will know what exactly to do, along with feeling everything more.

Furthermore, you will hear more clearly on the astral than on the physical.

Some practices are more beneficial to do on the physical though.


Yes. In fact S. Connelly recommends it for people who can’t do physical rituals for whatever reason.


Some practices like what?

Yes I Think You Can (u can also manifest things in the astray plane such as the materials needed for the Ritual )

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I’m going to have to read her stuff. Although, instead of full rituals, wouldn’t it be easier to simply seek out the entity you intended to use or evoke and just make your request in person?