Magick for the seasonal blues?

So as the topic suggests I’m wondering if there’s any magick you do to help get you through the holiday doldrums or do you know of any simple east magick a beginner could do to help chase away the holiday blues?

This time of year all the people talking about celebrating and partying when you’re not invited kinda bums me out. Especially this year when people are like talking the I’m gonna make up for last year and party like there’s no tomorrow this year. It’s kinda getting to me.

Now the blues I’m taking are NOT major depression or anything like that. I had major depression once when my world at the time was falling apart and I had creditors calling.

This is the you aren’t invited to the party, you don’t celebrate Xmas blues that only lasts as long as the holiday season and goes away once people stop wishing you a merry Christmas and asking you what your doing for the holiday and talking about what they’re gonna be doing to celebrate. It’s the kind of blues that once the parties you aren’t invited to are over and people have stopped talking about how great the part was it goes away kind of blues.

So do you do any kind of magick to get over the holiday blues? Do you know of any simple easy rituals even a beginner could do (ones that don’t require a lot of tools or advanced astral senses)?

I’m not looking for a magick bullet ritual more like a helpful distraction kind of magick that does really work in that it boosts your mood (even though it doesn’t necessarily change anything else).


The simplest answer would be to take in more sun, or more specifically, the energy of the sun.

The sun is known to stimulate both the brain and body (this is why sun lamps help with Seasonal Affective Disorder) so by filling yourself with solar energy, you will become more active, motivated, and feeling good.


What DarkestKnight said… I believe this is why vitamin D3 supplements work, from a magickal perspective. SAD is caused by the lack of vitamin D which is produced in your skin when the sun shines on it.
It’s a band aid but does work.

It would be better to get outside more, without sunscreen or sunglasses, and expose more of your skin to the suns energy, and magically use intent to deliberately pore breathe that energy in, bringing up your yang and stopping you from becoming too yin (of which being depressed is one symptom).

I’m not into sun gazing myself, it’s more effort than a simple walk outside and I think pore breathing does the same thing energetically in a more controllable way. The key is to bring in that yang energy and keep it somehow.

If you can’t get outside, or it’s night, you can also connect to the sun with intent/will and draw the energy to you that way. I draw in sun energy in when I’m running and tired and want to bolster my energy for a stronger workout, it’s very effective. My breathing gets easier and it becomes noticeably easier to hold a good posture and form. Have to stay very focused on doing it though.


Petition type spell:

I _____ acknowledge and accept my feelings about _______ . I from here on out will not let these feelings controll my life. I invoke the feelings that I wish to have and banish those I don’t.