Magick for the blind

Hey! I was wondering how could a blind person perform certain basic magical practices that make a lot of use of the sight like opening sigils and scrying. Because I think that this ones are needed to advance to a point where you do not need to use the sight that much.
Has anyone any thoughts about this? Do you think that a blind person can still learn evocation?

He could work using mantrams and mudras. He might get audiobooks of basic grimoires; learning pranayama is no difficulty to learn without sight, so he should center on sound and “sensations”.

In evocations he could “feel forms” for example and “qualities”, meditation upon tatwas could be an exercise to feel its forms and its qualities (earth, water, air)

And feeling a spirit, should not be different

A blind person would perform any ritual the same as anyone. There is no need to draw a sigil or visually see anything in evocation. The correct state is entered, and either intent alone or with an entities name is all that’s needed. Getting hung up on things like opening sigils and other abstractions are not needed.

A blind person will actually have much more success in seeing the astral… Lucky bastards! XD

I suspect, once they have developed themselves sufficiently. They can gain a form of ‘sight without sight’ where they can perceive the world far more accurately using spiritual senses as opposed to the silly eyes that we use.

It seems to me that if someone can find their way around their own home without fail, they have some form of internal representation of that in their own mind - visualisation is what the sighted call creating an internal representation in the mind, because sight is usually our dominant sense, but any blind person has comparable internal representations even if they’ve never been sighted, so they would work with those instead.

Bats must have internal representations based on the auditory senses because that’s their predominant sense, which means accurate internal representations don’t have to be to do with light reflections hitting the retina.

One of my friends is in a relationship with a person who had her sight taken by diabetes and asked me to teach her what I know but I honestly wouldn’t know how to go about this at all. I thought about putting something on here to see if anyone else had experience with such a thing but I didn’t think it would pan out. Looking forward to seeing what pops up here.

She can test her visualisation skills with this exercise, with the text narrated to her, maybe recorded onto tape/MP3 so she can try it when she has time:

Western homogenised “core shamanism” is very “love & light”, serving the spirits rather than the more LHP approach of commanding etc, but it should be a safe beginning from which she can interact with spirits and then learn more, depending on where her taste and ambition takes her.

Thousands of people have studied this format of world tree and helper spirit by studying with bodies like the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and in the UK the Eagle’s Wing foundation, I’ve explored it and it’s perfect beginner’s material in my opinion!

Hope that helps, fwiw when I did the “totem animal” exercise (also called a power animal) it was an aspect of myself which empowered me when I merged with it, so it’s a great start.

Once she develops her “spiritual sight” she’ll be no different to anyone else starting out on the path.

In japan there is a kind of priestess called “Itako”, usually -and I think exclusively- are blind girls initiated into shito mysteries and practices.

if they had had this practice for hundres of years (thousands perhaps) I would say is totally possible

A blind person will actually have much more success in seeing the astral... Lucky bastards! XD
totally agree on this, like Reese from "Malcom in the Middle" once said:
"without legs your arms are stronger, just like blind people have bigger noses"

Braille sigils obviously :wink: