Magick for facial hair growth?

Okay, so say for a Trans man…if he already has SOME facial hair from when he was on hormones (T) but for whatever reason wasn’t able to continue them…

is there a way to increase the amount of facial hair he ALREADY has? Like a way to make it more prominent? Thanks!

Or a way to naturally increase his Testosterone levels, since he can’t continue the T therapy due to health concerns?

It would probably be better to use a seal to make people perceive the facial hair as thicker and more full.

Although there are many spells online for facial hair, i would recommend be cautious as the act of tempering of hormones or body chemistry in any sense(magical or medical) can lead to many mental issues and thats without past mental troubles.


So kinda like a glamour spell? Or maybe make my aura FEEL more masculine to others?

Yeah it’s more on how others perceive me, but would be nice so I could also perceive myself as being more masculine (although alot of people say I naturally pass).


yes pretty much.

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Use the technique of pore breathing to breathe in testosterone. You can conceive of it like any element. Just visualise a cloud of testosterone around you (give it a colour to make it easier for you), and then breathe it into yourself for 10-15 minutes every day.


O_O, I’ve never heard of this. Really? Huh, I thought people did breathing stuff for like say elemental energy, and others energy.

I’ma definitely try it out.

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You can breathe in anything.

I have an article in one of my anthologies where the author describes using the technique to breathe in things like creatine and the precursor prohormones responsible for testosterone production to aid in bodybuilding.


Interesting. This might have more then one use then.

You could also try out a subliminal

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I’m usually iffy about subliminals made by others.

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Some are fairly safe. I’d avise using protection though

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