Magick Failed?

Hey all.
First off, I forgot the article I discovered this particular practice from, otherwise I would have linked it for the others to use. My apologies.
So… I decided to follow through with creating a list of my qualities met with the intention of exchanging my bad qualities for the good. The left side of the page was the bad (current me), and right was the good (what I wish to become). I wrote down literally everything I could think of. I drew a pentagram off to the side of this page, and charged it with my intent until I felt some source of energy coming from it.
So, now we get to the part where I may have totally fucked up. :joy:
My parents are usually up all night, and I have to be up kinda early tomorrow. Coupled with the fact that I was sick of procrastinating this task for the weeks that I had.
For obvious reasons, the instructions from the source I was using said to go outside to burn the page, whilst reciting something along the lines of: "The old me is dead. May the new now arise within me."
Well, instead of waiting for my parents to go to bed, I decided to burn this thing over my toilet. That’s right. Half asleep ol’ me burning a page while talking into a toilet… All to to try and avoid burning the house down (cause yanno, 4 inches of water in a bowl beats carpet)… The thing is, only half of it burned before I freaked out and flushed because it was starting to burn the toilet black…
The reason I post about this is to gather opinions as to whether I should redo this half-burned soggy toilet spell or not.
Anyways, feel free to leave thoughts- or just laughter.


I think it’s fine that the whole page didn’t burn. If you feel it didn’t work then it won’t.


Very true… I will keep to optimism then.
But a serious note to self: don’t do magick in the toilet kids


LMAO. You can use your toilet as a portal WATER you talking about :rofl:


:joy: #freethefeces


You guys are terrible.

Serious note love, if you feel it worked, it did. If not, recreate the list and you can burn it with me tonight, deal?

Magick is about belief and feel. If it felt right and like it worked, then it did.



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Ok this has soooo inspired a new thread! LMAO!!!

But don’t feel to bad, we have all had a moment like that. It’s all part if learning. I will share mine in the new thread. :joy:


Well the thing is, the entire list burned except for the “person I want to become” portion of it. So all in all, it still feels like it should work… we will find out eventually. I had some really weird dreams about it though. ._.


Then its already kicking in dear. Now forget about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I think your fine. How did you explain the privy though?

Sorry man… I honestly can’t say I’ve seen that one used in a sentence before. What do ya mean by privy?

Toilet, you know the jhon, the latreen, the porcelain throne, ex…

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Ah… that’s solely because I couldn’t go outside with a lighter and piece of paper at 12:00am with my parents hanging around downstairs. Too many questions with answers I didn’t feel like improvising at the time. And put it this way, they already think @KingOfHearts616 is nuts simply because he believes in this shit lol. But like I said, a few inches of water beats carpet :joy: Half asleep me figured it would be the easiest cleanup and a toilet bowl would be least likely to burn… Which I was right, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should do it (insert shame here)…


Honey he meant how did you explain it… But from the sounds of it it just washed away

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Ah… I immediately started scrubbing away at the black parts… you can’t even tell anything happened. Looks good as new :open_hands: