Magick equipment: Incense

I have a lot of questions about buying or making specific materials for my rituals. I thought I could start a thread.

AE speaks about how he uses purple incense and that it produces lots of smoke, can someone direct me to what exactly this is called and maybe where I can get it. Is there a better incense?


EA recommends copal resin incense as a general manifestation base for any spirit and that is what I use. I don’t know where you live, but copal is available for order on the internet and seems to be widely available in most places (I’m in Canada, and had to import mine from the US as no one in country carried decent sized tears).

I’ve never heard of “purple” incense so can’t help you there.


Copal resin is mentioned by E.A on multiple occasions in different vids, its a good base to start of with. Can be found easily on eBay for example, i got 1 kg first time and having a decent amount makes it possible to use it liberaly.


Damn, it was copal not PURPLE… sorry, I misunderstood what EA was saying in the video. Thanks for the correction.


Something to note is copals rich history in ritual use by pre-columbian mesoamerican peoples.


Dried dittany of Crete has a purple-ish tint to it when harvested properly and makes a shit load of smoke. I know he mentions using it in his books, so maybe start there.


If you choose to take a different route, I’ve found that any kind of incense sticks seem to do the same job if you need to substitute or anything. They’re fairly cheap and can even be bought at Walmart.


I prefer Frankincense it’s much better in my experience, I’ve used Copal resin but I prefer Frankincense resin upon my charcoal.

Better scent, better smoke, thicker white smoke, my spirits seem to prefer it too.
It doesn’t really matter about the blend, exactly it can help if you have incense which is attributed to the planet and element of the spirit.

However that isn’t needed the incense resin is just for a decent base to have the spirit manifest in.


I suppose that is a matter of perspective. If the law of vibration is to be observed then one could make the case that on an energetic level, certain incenses or compounds are better for certain charges or working with particular spirits. But if incense is being used solely as a manifestation base I would agree that it does not really matter, provided that the substance used is not counter productive to your intent.

Hell yes! I have been using a super clean omani hojari frankincense lately for general purposes. Nice clean, white smoke and lots of it. The scent is superior for me in terms of achieving state too. A lot of the ‘white copal’ peddled these days tends to be factory extracted, and the turpenes don’t airate off the resin properly; you can smell the petrol bases used to separate it when you burn it.

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For Martian Magick I strongly recommend tobacco. For baneful Magick harvest the tobacco from cigarette butts - those dark, wet pieces near the base of the filter. Let them dry and store in an airtight jar. Can be moistened with a little drinking spirit before going on the charcoal. Really strong - just what you need for that curse.


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frankincense is a powerful anti inflammatory herb so its good for inhalation, slowly becoming my favorite.