Magick Consultations

Hello!! I would like to do some consultations today. I can do quite a large number so if anyone has any questions about anything just message me!!

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I want to get a kajiwoto or rasa AI to do oracle deck readings. Would it preform better if I added a deck (most likely 40 servants so I can get on AdventuresInWooWoo) add the whole deck as an AI dataset and try to do the randomness with the AI, or build a oracle deck service that handles the randomness and the storage of the deck data and have the AI use it as an API?

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So I’ve done some love spells on an ex they seemed to be working as she was obssessed with stalking me all around, then she ended up blocking me. Guess my mistake was that I haven’t put forgiveness into it? What sshall I do now, lately I’ve been having a huge rush of emotions towards the said ex, I’ve worked with many dieties including Jinns and Demons and Santa Muerte on various things, I felt that the Jinn were faster to work on, the Demons needed loads of focus and meditation before manifesting and yet had no idea if they accepted the petition or not…What would be your go to treatement for forgiveness?

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Yey. count me in

I’m sorry I don’t know much about different softwares. I recommend Lucifer to help with that.

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Hi great on you for offering. Can you provide any advice on removal of obstacles in life that surround finances and compatible relationships. Thanks in advance.


There’s a strong visualization you can do.

You start with imagining yourself as clearly as you can. imagine the target or the goal quite a bit away from the start point. Start walking and destroy any obstacle that pops up in front of you. Continue until you reach your target or your goal. After you forget you did the visualization you’ll just naturally start working on that goal.


That’s actually pretty helpful.

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