Magick Circle

Whats the name of that magick circle e.a. koetting use for evocation?

demonic circle of pacts

Thanks Dantresh, but i mean the magick circle in his evocation Seminar? demonic circle of pacts is for pact makeing evocation i think.

If I am not mistaken it is the first gateway (“The Gateway of Pacts”) in the Book of Azazel.

Nereid, i’m not sure, i don’t got the book now, i just order it today.

the circle in the evocation seminar is the magic circle from Kingdom of Flames

To clarify - the demonic circle of pacts is the circle the magician sits in, and it’s in the Book of Azazel. The gateway of pacts is also a circle, but it is not the one the magician sits in, it is also from the BoA.

Soundwave: I think the circles are slightly different. The one from KoF has single characters, and just one circle. The one from the video is a double circle, with words in (demonic?). The triangle is nearly the same. I think it might be more accurate to say the circle in the video is an evolved version of the one from KoF, perhaps? But you are right, I’m pretty sure that isn’t the circle of pacts from the BoA. (I had to look this up, because I wasn’t sure. Not just quoting scripture or something, haha).

Edit: The circle from the video MAY be the one from the BoA. I don’t feel like looking it up right now, but it is a double circle with writing at three stations. My understanding of the Gateway of Pacts may be off, I could be mistaken.

Oh man totally right, the words look like they could the same that appear around the “Sorcerors Seal” from KOF. When I was working exclusively with KOF my circle evolved in a similar way , I included the whole seal in the center of the circle

Very cool. I look forward to working through the KoF.

Koetting encountered this sigil first years ago, when he was working with the KOTF spirits, they brought the circle to him. Later on, it was used as a gateway of pacts in the book of Azazel, when Azazel and his spirits brought it to Koetting, and one of the spirits within the book, Ant’harratu wears it on his attire, and he is pretty much Azazel’s right hand man.

The symbol seems to possess an extreme importance in that respect.

As for the alteration…

It’s no different how the original kingdoms of the flame had different symbols than the one in the complete works edition. If E.A. would like to explain why he thinks his new/different symbols are better, or why they have been changed at all I’d love to know what he’s taken into account. Because apparently this was part of a revision on his entire works, he wanted to change certain things he thought were inconsistent, or could be more effective, and change them to be as he always wanted. It’s something I’ve certainly wondered about when pondering things like the New Gateway symbol to the KOTF as well…If such an important symbol is even altered, I ask myself why quite frequently.

I’d also like to know why the gateway of pacts symbol was never published with the original Kingdoms of the Flame, or the current print.

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ah I didnt know you were talking about seminar :confused: