Magick circle and meditation rituals

I do meditation on my bed - the most tangible results I get from wim hof method - everything just feels different and trancelike and I don’t think I could do it stood up without fainting or sitting down so anyway I thought I would try it before NAP rituals and do from my bed - so I did wim hof, then NAP beginning avatar power ritual then middle pillar then boneless one then my chants…

And then I realise I didn’t do any Kabbalistic cross or pentagrams rituals because I am laying down…

How do you do this? Does it matter if you do it then go to your bed or should you stay in the same space?

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You may formulate with imagination the Pentagrams near the walls, so by laying on bed you’re inside them; or perform the Kabbalistic Cross gestures on the bed and mentally draw the Pentagrams; finally, there is the astral temple’s option.


What is the astral temples option?

I haven’t yet acheived astral travel… keep trying though

You imagine a castle or a pyramid etc., then enter and imagine the floor, walls and furniture. You build a temple with your imagination, in case starting by closing eyes, entering a trance…

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Oooh that’s an interesting idea - I will have to try that!

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You can simply imagine yourself standing and performing the banishing ritual. It will work just as well as if you were physically performing it.

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