Magick+Christian Magick

I have been going to my favorite local church to try and reach out to the youngies, observe Christian Magick up close, bounce ideas with people who are likely not to agree with me on plenty of things, and combine efforts for the good of humanity. I have no intention of ever not being Satanic/Luciferian, my demons have helped me to liberate and empower myself in ways that Jehovah has no hope of being able (or willing) to do for me… Still I know that Christians invoke what they beleive to be their god, they get results that to them go beyond coincidence, and I want to understand how me and they can combine efforts. Last night the preacher put his hand on my head and I could feel energy there, giving my my crown chakra more room to breathe. I was pulled to do energy work throughout the praying and laying of hands…I felt that in laying my own hands, I should forget that our god’s are allegedly opposing forces, but focus on healing in such a way, that the energies I bring fourth can blend with theirs, leave the people undisturbed, and both of our magicks can work together without blockage, seperation, conflict…Later the preacher told me that God was indeed working through me, and that I should countinue to let him…So yeah, I had to share my story. Also that night Belial and Cozhier had been present. Particularly Belial. Being of lawlessness, there is no barrier… A lot of allegedly opposing forces can be a lot more compatable than generally understood. I wanted to learn from their White Lighter Magick. One thing that always stuck out to me about that church is their beleif that you can heal the blind, raise the dead, pretty much do anything…there is more, such as the energies I saw, and dialogue, but I wanted to share what Ive shared, because the expereince spoke to me, and does.


I’ve spent some time in this atmosphere. People like Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts and many others who are reputed to work miraculous healing all had one thing in common. They all spent many hours every day in prayer. That is their core spiritual practice. Very simple.

I have said before that people who live a monastic lifestyle and spend large amounts of time in spiritual practice can often work the miraculous. This is much the same concept.


It works if you let it. These Demons and Gods are constructs of our own creation designed to trick our minds into summoning up the mental/emotional power to perform magic. Any boundaries that separate us into opposing ideals or contesting territories are our own faults which our higher/collective self installed as leverage points for individuation.

I call it diplomacy.