Magick changed my life

I’m from a small island in the Indian Ocean, named Mauritius. I’ve been reading a lot on occult matters since a young age. I don’t have a particular specific topic interest in occult matters, but I’ve been practicing meditation for more that 15 years. Some 3 years back I’ve been in a real problem, that affected my life. I’ve lost my business, and my wife and children left me. I was totally lost. I was in a total despair. I made a prayer from the abyss of my heart to the universe to tell me why is it that despite all my good things that I have been doing to people, my situation was so bad. I’ve stopped all meditation practices as well as prayers. And it happened that whilst browsing the net, I came across Damon Brand and the Gallery of magic. I bought some books and read voraciously. But magick was something that was not easy to believe for me. But my desperation caused me to do some Sigil Magick from Damon’s Brand book ; Words of Power. It was not long that my situation has been greatly improved. Within 2 years, after some simple basic sigil Magick, my salary has tripled in my new job, my wife has started to talk with me, my children have been with me. I’ve also practiced some more sigil Magick amd tge results were good. One thing that I want to tell you is that ; MAGICK IS TRUE. It changed my life. One thing that I’m really interested in is Baneful Magick. Vengeance is a plate that is eaten cold. Two persons destroyed my life, but now, I’ve risen like the phoenix and vengeance will be brutal.


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Welcome to our corner of the internet, glad that magick is working for you.


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