Magick cancelling out other magick?

Hey folks.

So I have a question regarding doing multiple rituals. Lets say for example, I employed a ritual to protect my job & then performed another ritual, petitioning a demon like Belial to bind & silence my opposers, is it possible for one ritual to cancel out the other? I know it may seem like an odd question… I do hope I make sense.

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Hi @DarkStarTati,

From my experience, layering magick to tackle a situation from multiple angles can work very nicely.

I suppose in theory, it is possible. But in that case, I’d say rather that one would fail because you lust for the result more than the other.

I hope that helps.


It is unlikely for one spell to cancel the other out unless they conflict in some way, Using your example, doing magick to protect your job but it is actually the people at your job that are oppressing you, in which case Belial is more likely to remove you from the job altogether, thus cancelling out your previous spell.

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You mean like reversal spells?

I did tell Belial to not bring me any harm or loss. Removing me from the job is harm.

No, it’s not, actually. Removing you from your job in no way causes you harm, neither physically, nor psychologically. It may bring you hardship, and struggle, but it would not harm you at all, especially with Belial’s way of approaching struggle as a chance to get stronger.

Should I contact him again & reword my petition? I do not wish to leave.

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Personally, I would, just to close the loophole, and let him know that you do want to keep the job. The easiest way to stop the people from oppressing you is to remove you from the situation, and you’ve left that option open so I would close it.

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I don’t want to piss him off. I will aim to be more clear with my requests next time.

I think this why I was driven on the brink of delirium & insanity. The anxiety was crazy. I was battling with myself.

You won’t piss Belial off if you call him and tell him that you want to make sure he understands that you want to keep the job, and just get rid of the oppressors. He probably already does understand, but it does no harm to double check. Asking for status reports on a task is fine, as long as you don’t do it all the time.

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I don’t communicate with him back & forth. I just make petition.

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No worries, man. Belial is good. It’ll work out.


Also, is it cool to do a ritual more than the recommended amount of times? Like if an author states to do a ritual for 2 days, but you do it for 3 days because you feel like you muddied the first time you did the ritual with other magick? You are a very knowledgeable member here.