Magick Box

Please Blessed be, I need someone to throw more light about the construction of magick Box, I was reading a book from magical 33, that talked about this magick Box, which is part of Magickal exchange with independent entities.
Thanks for your great contributions in this regards and I’ve searched online about the magick Box but couldn’t find any, not the type that show magicians are using…

This word ‘Magic box’ vary so much. It’s not one.

I know of a magic box that is use for money ritual. It’s takes lot of ceremony and ingredients to accomplish it. Then prayer to Lucifer…a recitation of that prayer for 70 times.

Here is an excerpt of the prayer: Lucifer, Ouyar, Chameron, Aliseon, Mandonsin, Premy…etc

One will cut clean A4 paper in size and shape of money; set it clean in the box, and place the actual currency you want, just one note, on the box.

After the prayer to Lucifer, go sleep. Wake up the next day with the whole papers in box changed to the currecy placed on the box.

It was written that Solomon passed down this money ritual.

This is how the box looks like, two dragon candle beside it. The ritual must be prepared in a clean room, where sexaul intercourse hasn’t take place for long. And children should be far from it.

And this is the Seal or Character of Lucifer that must be drawn on the box.

And it has no consequence, drawback or any negative side effects, said the Prof. It can be used everyday, any mood, any state, anytime but the prayer to Lucifer must be mid- night.

But the ingredients will cost time to get.

And I know of another magic box that isn’t as powerful as this, but serve the same purpose, but not so great at all.


See Twilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives for public domain magic books that are the source of most magic box construction (as in spirit magic, not dove and scarf magic).

@luxfero -Is that Yoruba?


Yes that is Yoruba language,

Thanks for posting this jupiterian box, but have you tried it? Just curious to know because I did one but not like this one on the link, it’s a multipurpose M. box, later destroyed it after my pendulum confirmed that it was just an empty box.

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Not yet, but I bought a box and intend fix it up this weekend. This blogger references another two friends who made their own, and they all think the box does help with cash flow.