Magick - beliefs and disbeliefs. Why do we fail?

A recent post from a person who wanted proofs for the existence of magick made me think about the most common factors why our magick fails or the results that we want are not exactly what we wanted.
Or in other words - we get results but they are too weak and vanish too quickly to be called “real results”.

This reminded me of a case I read about it in one group for magick.

A girl made a post about her success with a sour jar done for a person she hated. She waited about a month and then the bicycle of the cursed person was stolen. The girl considered this as a success of her sour jar work. She thought the sour jar started to work. She was incredibly happy.

When I read this, I thought “This is nonsense. How could stealing a bicycle can be considered a success?”
But it was, at least for the girl. I have no idea what happened next to her target. But according to her, it was a promising beginning.

I, myself had some experience with sour and break up jars, which was, in my opinion, very unsatisfactorily.

My targets did not break up and their lives did not turn into shit. Or, at least this is what I got from their social media activity and few conversations with one of the targets. (I don’t have physical contact with them).

Besides, I like the symbolism of the jar magick, and my jars were done nicely, with the right intentions and ingredients. Some entities were involved in the work, too. Asmodeus including.
So, the methodology of the work was complied strictly.

However, the results were not what I wanted.

I am not sure actually if my targets are thriving now, or they have any problems, or they continiue to live without any difference in their lives, after my magickal influences.

But I am sure that if I had gotten the wanted results, I would know, for sure. So, I have to think my magick has failed.

The conclusion that I made about why my work has failed, was the following:
Because I wanted too much the magick to work. And quickly.
This desire had taken over all of my thoughts and mind, and my routine life.
I was going to sleep and I was waking up with the thought of my victims, and all the injustice that they have brought into my life.

I was too attached to the outcome.
I searched every day or at least once in a week for evidences that their lives have started to ruin.
Or even if I wasn’t searching for evidence, I was thinking about them all the time.
Or, in other words - I was caught in the trap of the so called “lust for results”.

This, combined with my overwhelming hate for my targets, and my bad mental and physical condition back then, has played its role for the magick to not happen for me, or at least - to happen very slowly, and with minimal results.

Maybe something has happened to them still, in one way or another. But everything what I was seeing or hearing about them, seemed to be too little to me.

I wanted disastrous effects.

And, of course I did not choose the right form of magick for achieving such results, even done with the help of entities. The sour jars really cannot cause the results I wanted, even if I hadn’t had a lust for results.

So, after many months thinking and reading some books on the matter, I made a retrospective about the factors why my magick did not work as intented, and this is what I got.

Of course, these are my personal reasons, they may not be valid for everyone but I am sure most of them can apply for some people.


This is the biggest factor actually for the failure, in my opinion. The power of the magician is crucial for the success of their work. This power can be completely natural, or can be given by a spirit if the magician has a strong connection with it. Or it can be combined. This power depends on many factors but in general - the mental and the physical condition of the magician are very important. Magicians have to be powerful for achieving anything they want.

Fake deities/spells

Most of the widely used deities and spells, are actually fake. They do not exist out of the human imagination that created them. They are not real. They do not live in the astral realm. They do not live anywhere except as egregores made up by the human’s mind and filled by human’s energy and thoughts.
This is one of the most common reasons for magickal failure.
Despite of this, they can work in some cases and in some way if - again - the magician has strong personal power.

Lust for results and desperation

Simply said : the lust for results causes desperation that decreases the power of the magician and the spell. The obsession over the spell and the enormous desire for it to happen, can play a negative role for the manifestation.

We are not talking here for belief or disbelief if the magick is real and if it is going to work.

A real spell, done with enough personal power and intent, will work 100%, no matter if the magician believes in it, or not.
This is the same as the question if the target of a curse or of a love spell will be affected if they do not believe in magick.

They will be affected, and their belief or disbelief does not matter at all.

But lusting for results is something different.
Of course, noone can control themselves on such a level that they can forbid themselves to think about the spell and their targets absolutely and never, even for one second.

Noone is capable of this. We are all human beings, we think about the things that are important for us. This is natural.

But when we give an absolute priority to the desire which we want to achieve with the magick, and when we “pause” all our other life, most probably we will fail.

In my case, I searched for evidences and when I did not find such, I became so desperate that I started to do more and more magick and I was very obsessed, and I ruined my life at the end, instead of theirs.

Lusting for results does not include only the desire for achieving results and the constant checking for such.

It also can include obsessive thoughts about the targets or about the desired manifestation. Or about the reasons why you did the magick. Or remorse, or guilt, or any other feelings which remind us about the spells.

I think, the term “lusting for results” is not quite accurate and that is why many people can not understand it.

Obsession over the spell, its manifestation and the reasons for doing it” seems more accurate for me.
These things are obstacles for your magick to happen.

Not a strong connection or lacking a connection with the entities

I believe that spirits, demons, entities or whatever we called them, do exist.

Not all of them that we know but some of them. There are lots of them in the spiritual realm. We can choose which ones we want to work with, but they can also choose whether to work with us or not.

Sometimes they choose to not work with us. Yes, it does not happen very often. There can be various reasons behind this. You can have protections by entities that don’t allow you to work with entities from another type. And you can be totally unaware of these protections. But always, always there is a logical reason why this or that spirit doesn’t want to work with you and doesn’t respond to you.
But, as I said this can happen very rarely.

The magician should create a strong connection with the spirit first before asking anything from them.
This is my opinion and I know it is different from the most opinions.
Sometimes building the connection could take days and even weeks hard work.

When do we know we have a connection with the spirit?
I would say - when we have clear signs for their presence. It could be vivid and repetative dreams, or changes in the temperature in our home - a cold or a heat which doesn’t influence by any heating systems. Or odd noices, smells or in general - anything that is not usual for our life and routine could be a sign for the demonic or angelic presence.

Not removed protections

Every person has some kind of a protection. Whether it is a magickal protection, or protection given to him by his ancestors, or even given by some entities he is not aware of.
You cannot start doing a magickal/energy influence on a person without removing his protections first.

I imagine the protection as some kind of a energy which surrounds the astral body of the person and which has defensive functions. This energy could be of the person themselves, or could comes from outside source.

There are, of course many other factors for the failure of a magickal work. The above ones are valid for me.

I do believe in magick. I think it is natural - as the wind, as the air and the stars, and the Sun.

This is just energy which is intented to do something.
To create realities.

By using magick we become our reality creators.
Our minds are capable of almost unlimited things.
We limit ourselves with our fears, emotions, doubts and disbeliefs or beliefs.

We are not Gods. We are not slaves.
We are just divine creatures.
We succeed with a hard work.
We succeed when we know our mistakes and when we make different approaches to our problems.

Magick is real.



Thank you for this post. I have come across people who want me to “prove” to them magick is real. Truthfully, I don’t have time for that shit. Some people are just not meant to walk this path. If they don’t believe. That’s on them. I also agree that sometimes we want disastrous effects. It is like this mofo only had his bike stolen? I wanted him to get hit by a car while riding his bike! Lmao :joy:. So ya, we begin to doubt our magick, because a person having his bike stolen does not = getting hit by a car while riding a bike. :joy: I also believe that we need to be specific with our magick request. Our intent, feelings, emotions, etc. also play a role. You cannot try to fuck someone up using magick if you are afraid of “karma”, 3 fold law, afraid the person being serious hurt/injured, etc. etc. You have to be all in!


Vampirism could had fixed several of your magical problems. Taking down their protection. And draining their lifeforce energy. You don’t even have to curse if you don’t want to.
The entire whole lust of results isn’t a problem either. You can just keep draining them until they die. Win-win.


This is really well written. I have a minor disagreement about not having a close relationship to a particular spirit will necessarily cause the spell to fail. I think this is a situational thing, as there are some spirits who will help you regardless for whatever reason they choose to, just like there are those that will refuse. But I do agree that if you are going to ask help from a spirit that 99% of the time it would be wise to know them well.


Fucking great post! A real joy to read!


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I loved reading your post. The only thing I will say is I AM the noone you spoke of LOL
“Lusting for Results” is a common hurdle in a magickal community but it serves no purpose other than reveal a deep hidden lack of faith in your abilities and is nothing more that the weaker inner self needing proof that those abilities exist.


Does draining their life force energy cause death due to illness (natural death) or could it result in accidents which lead to death, ie unnatural death?

If the person is naturally resistant, like a grandiose narcissist type who is a natural energy vampire even if they don’t practice magick - could they be constantly replenishing themselves and thus never getting drained enough to be affected negatively?

Sorry for the multiple questions, I’ve always wondered about this.

I’ve never had an issue lusting for results, in fact the lust for results I believe helped the manifestation of it because of the energy I was putting into the outcome, pulling it more and more into manifesting.


TWhich could be the very reason why you’re struggling. It’s always good to share experiences and learn from others, It’s the basic foundation of this forum.

Really nice post !
I needed something like this right now.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Well written post @zzzzzzz and that’s the truth but you also need the heart and spirit for it I believe!

I doubt anyone would go to the gym and expect instant abs, so why expect huge life changing events when you are less than 100 experiences deep? Yeah a few clicks, bangs, or things moving it’s a conditioning and acclimation. It would be detrimental to flood the body with paranormal activity.

Do the exercises to the best of your ability for the benefits it gives you, beyond what your goal is. After decent amount of consistently you will find change or patterns to adapt for better results.