Magick Ban Enchanting

Is it possible to nullify any magicks that may target one’s person? Or generate something in that all spells involving one’s personage outside of one’s own casting fail? This extends to ppl employing demons or magickal entities against u (basically in such a way the magickal entities refuse any operator casting a spell against u) …The desire moreso is to eat any spells, magickal servants and the like that may be employed for any reason whatsoever…

The motive is less protection and more concealment .Highly doubtful Im anyone an occultist would want to scry or employ something to retreive data about…and the probability of encountering another operator of occult techniques is slim, but not impossible.

Two things unnerve me, the IDEA of someone being able to by psychic ability or deployment of some surveiling agent can peer into an individual’s mind , thought processes and that by deployment of demon, angel, entity, god or goddess, servitor, egregore, they can influence a person…I honestly am not judging, but scroll through the ppl who want to hex, or control someone just out of “love” infatuation, puts me in a sort of position where I am uncomfortable with the idea humans are lent this power or possess it from birth…This of course is digressing from the topic.

Spell reversal is not good enough. The desire is to employ something such that

1- any spell against me is ripped of any energy placed into it for me to feast off of
2- any entity employed for any reason against my persons either turns down any service employed against myself (even if it be to heal, or just glance at my personal life ; which i havent shit anyone would be interested in finding out) or can’t carry out any requests of the operator employing such
3- Any servitors, familiars sent on behalf of another operator is devoured
4- There is no signature by which any could trace my energy, or detect me…as an example, any divinations to find my persons or get impressions; be they psychic or from the unconscious would turn up nothing…as in being unable to be read
Overall the desire is to remove from the human race any access to my persons that I do not reveal by my own words…Rather than being secretive, I’ll say there be reason for me to want to conceal, defend myself. Yes I know i can go to something for protection, employ my own measures, however, this would strategically cover all openings so to speak , as far as vulnerabilities are concerned. The interest is in pulling this off by my own efforts, and the removal of one’s self from being found at all strikes me as the best defense.

So my question is can such be done? To reverse a spell wouldn’t be as advantageous as eating all of the energy from such, rendering the spell null and giving me a nice energetic snack…

Yes, it’s possible, though I doubt to the complete extent that you are envisioning. Someone more powerful than yourself or simply more skilled at surgically applying their magick could theoretically overcome such defences.

As the saying goes, there is no defence that will not eventually fall if hit long and hard enough.

The key would be to make things so energy intensive, and difficult, that in order to bring your defences down, the attacker would have to extend themselves so much that it wouldn’t be worth it. It would be a hollow, Pyrrhic victory.


Ahh, I see… Such as requiring them to expend more energy than would be considered economic for the given operation…I’m wondering if then if something vampiric, that makes one feed off of spells so fast that those spells fizzle out, might be a worthy strategy

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You could do what I did and make a living chaos shield vampiric servitor.

Long story, but the short version is I made a servitor to act as a living shield and to collect ambient energy for us and to use as a “weapon” to actively drain energy from others. Over the years, it got to the point where people who were quite renown in their circles couldn’t get a clear reading on me and any attacks were completely nullified. The downside to it was it got so hungry and out of my control that I couldn’t send anything out myself. It took the utmost concentration to “switch it off” so someone could get a decent reading on me. I eventually bound it to a ring I have and so far so good. Now if I want it activated, I out on the ring and visualize it seeping out to envelope me like a suit of armor, and when I take the ring off I visualize it condensing back into the ring as I slide it off my finger.

Also because I’m feeling the need to explain it, a chaos shield as I learned it is essentially what you’re asking for; imagine a bubble around you made up of panels. Each panel is programmed to deflect or absorb energy from attacks in a different way and randomly change the way they do that. The complexity of the shield makes it strong against almost any energy attack, but not impenetrable.

It should also be noted that many people layer their shields, some into the hundreds or thousands of layers. My living shield was designed to be an unstoppable force able to defeat any attack, so it did just that. Being a sentient entity that feeds off my own energy and the energy it vamps for us both also means I never had to “activate” it. It was always active.


Did it feeding off of ur energy as well cause u to have to increase the amount u ate? Like was there any caloric costs of keeping the chaos bubble up?

The way it worked was it fed off of my energy reserves at first, but after it started collecting energy from external sources, that was added to my reserves, so it was feeding the both of us. It was a symbiotic relationship, so to speak.