Magick as a child


Have anyone of you suspected or think you did magick as a child?Well anyway here is my story:

So once when i was around 5-7 there was this girl who basically bullied and annoyed me.One time i drew a picture of her hurt and some time later she was in an accident which caused her to be off for a while.Anybody else?


My Native grandmother taught me a bit of herb magic when I was young; around 7 :slight_smile:


When I was a child, I thought I could call the breeze/wind. I would do it all the time. My Mom was also full of old divinatory superstitions she shared with me.


Yes I started doing magick when I was 3 years old. I am part Cherokee, and used to do herb magick with my great grandmother. We also did meditation and astral travel, where she was my guide.


I used to to do that with the wind as well! Nostalgia!


Weather Witching (Playing with the elements) is awesome!


I used to always be able to make it rain. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My home state was Oklahoma and where I spent my childhood. I loved thunderstorms and rain. I believed I could change the weather when I was young… I also had a way of making aggressive violent animals calm.

An example, I was very young. I crawled underneath a barbed wire fence into a pasture. There was a big gorgeous horse. It looked at me and wasn’t sure what to think of me. I crawled underneath the horse and petted it’s front legs. It kept its eyes fixed on me the whole time. I started crawling back to the fence and my mom had ran out to the fence in a panic. She told me to never do that again, that horse trampled anyone who stepped foot in its pen. For some reason, it spared me.

I also believed I could project my fantasies into my surroundings as a child.


same talk to spirits 5 6 years old


When I was young, I had the peculiar ability to split my awareness and be able to watch myself through another person’s eyes. It wasn’t quite like switching bodies because I was still aware of my own body, but it was like watching myself from the outside.


I am able to do that through memories… Started as a child… Thought I was nuts lol


I used to do it all the time with my teachers, to find out what they thought of me lol


Hah! Wish I thought of that. Though, that being said, I’m able to read emotions quite well by looking at people so used to do that lots.

Also used to see shadow people .-.


I lost the ability around grade 3 or 4, as my intellect developed and I became more grounded.


The first time I remember doing magick, I was about 13. I was standing in my bedroom looking out the 2nd floor window towards the field where my “dad” was working. I could hear the tractor and I was filled with hate and rage. I said some words in a different language and directed the rage/hate energy toward him. From the minute that came out my mouth things started to go bad for him. Things broke, the work stopped. We came in for lunch and he started choking. Bad. He got up from the table and was gasping for breath. I was reminded of the words I said at the window and realized it was my doing. In shock and fear and curiosity to see if it had an effect, I withdrew the words. I said no. I revoke what I said. As SOON as I said that he was fine. As suddenly as it started it stopped. Now, looking back on it I wish I never took it back. But then I would always have wondered if it was just coincidence and timing. Because I withdrew it and it stopped like that I saw it was in fact my intent. Killing that miserable mother fucker would have been a GREAT entrance into magick though…


When I was ten I got a copy of a magazine which had a cut out paper Voodoo Doll. I cut and crafted the paper which was printed as a small straw figure, 6 inches tall. It had about ten phrases that you could cut out wealth, illness etc. I cut out illness and got a long pin from my moms sewing kit and stuck the pin with motto illness into the doll. I shouted in my room illness, illness and directed the curse to my teacher who I hated. The next days she called in sick.