Magick and The Balancing act by the Universe against it!

I have observed that if someone gains something via magick generally it is taken back or balanced out by existence. Instances like someone got money using magick but had to spend it due to some car accident afterwards isn’t unknown to many mages. Here is my major experience facing same thing -

1— In my H.S board exam where over 5 million students take the exam I wanted to do my best and went to an occultist from the Shakta ( Goddesses worshiper ) to get help. He was generous and gave me an amulet and said it is one of the most powerful he has ever given to anybody. Just be careful not to go into any graveyard/ Cremation Ground and if you do change the string used to wear it and purify the amulet using some holy water.

With in a year or two I went from somewhere in 2-2.5 million rank out of 5 million to top 10 in the final board exam. I ranked within the whole state. Everybody was shocked who a vagabond type addict boy ranked so well !!! Goes without saying I was happy too.

Then I got admitted into college in a big city and had to leave hometown. There I settled in an apartment. And within a year hell started to break lose. After two year I was as much fucked as one can Imagine. Strangely my spiritual pursuit also started from that period !!! I thought that my life was fixed as I had one of the most powerful amulets with me and I was unstoppable, but soon I was wandering WTF went wrong !!!

Later years after throwing that amulet away I found out that the apartment I was living in was build on Graveyard. So my amulet stopped working from the day I arrived there and didn’t even know that.

Same kind of thing happened few more times with me.

May be existence doesn’t like quick gains and doesn’t want the unworthy to get something.

If U have any similar experience, Please share.


A lot of this is just legitimate coincidence of unrelated factors or are born from arrogance and over confidence doing away with proper caution and due diligence. Many could also be a factor of poorly thought out work as well where the energies and factors are not properly balanced and so left up to fate.


Ive never had anything like this, i do my magick to fix pre-existing problems, I was always told “We are born with our parents sins” and have spent most my life trying to fix there life and get my straight, i chalk it up to there bad luck and awful mistakes


I do notice, you don’t say what the amulet was meant to be for. Doesn’t matter how powerful a working is if it’s not directed right. If it was only for the High School exams, then it’s not surprising it only worked in the scope of the exams.

There may have been unrelated issues with the apartment and your spiritual path… ? Not enough info to say.


The amulet was for multipurpose. Both for excelling in exam and career. Even if it was only for exam and studies it didn’t work in .college. ALso I was specific to tell the tantrik that I want something for a lifetime purpose one some one shot thing.

I am sure the graveyard thing fucked it up.

You know what this reminds me of actually is the novel The Martian (not so much the movie).

In that, every time the stranded astronaut Mark Watney tries to fix something so he doesn’t die on Mars, the fix creates, eventually, a new problem, so he overcomes THAT and then something else happens, on, and on.

This is a metaphor for life, I actually find stuff in that book to be as profound as the movie Gourndhog Day, I pretty much piss on and despise most popular culture but they get an exemption.

For example, if you had worked to befriend the amulet, attune to it, instead of see it as a “once and done deal” you could maybe have picked up the vibe it did not enjoy that location and got out fast.

So with respect, the meaning you attach to this, that magick always takes back, I respectfully disagree - I think that just like, say, owning a car, you can’t just get the first part, buying the car, and then totally neglect it, you need to change the oil, run periodic tests and checks, maintain and upgrade things. :thinking:

JMO… please get the novel The Martian if you haven’t read it, I think it may be useful to you. There’s a philosphy hidden away in it that may reveal itself to you, as it has, very helpfully, to me. :+1:


yes that is over 9000% true. It is called Genetic memory in yoga and if one is unlucky one get’s messed up genes. Most of the offering to ancestors works not only for their benefit but also for solving this genetic problem ( to some extent ) for the one who is doing the offering as your physical body is an extension of the astral body of your ancestors in the physical world.

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Yeah I disagree there’s any balancing act. I used magick to increase my income five-fold in a span of 1.5 years, and that money is still with me to this day. You just have to watch how you go about things.

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Nothing is a one shot, lifetime, perfect object. Guy who sold it knew this and got rich from it.

The object no doubt had power but I agree with Lady Eva, the Magician needs to maintain what they have. You’d also have to keep up on yourself as well. Relying on someone else’s word then just never advancing yourself will stagnate and in this case make your object diluded.

Also I do seriously doubt a graveyard did anything. Most of the time graveyards enhance work.
Besides I doubt they left the bodies on the site. The Spirits will normally stay with their bodies.


Relax sir, I know . I just got the info back then and that’s why shared it. The balancing act is done by Gunk-Negative energy, not the universe Lol. And even those who don’t have those problems but still new in magick face it because Mind resists to creating new habit and thus throws something quite opposite.

And yes attaching a spirit in one’s body/mind isn’t much different than being addicted to doing something and thus creating a spirit form out of it.

Hmmm graveyards are wonderful places of Power their ruler is Qayin. Empowers magic beautifully.