Magick and spirituality for everyone?

What is your view: Has anyone the same potential to practice Magick and get in touch with spirits? Is this ‘skill’ inheritable? Some ppl dont experience any success even though they truly want to.
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I think anyone certainly can practice magic and build relationships with spirits. I do not believe it is exactly an inherited trait but more that having relatives who see the world in a similar way prevents the mental blockages that prevent others from experiencing something beyond the “mundane”. Those who did not have that support seem to struggle more with it due to that reason. There is also the misunderstanding that everyone has their own way to make connections beyond what is published. Sometimes you need to get creative in order to reach out. But that is just my thoughts.


It’s all about practicing the art. Inheritable, no. People who has no success yet has fears and doubts. Especially doubt, you cant be a skeptic and a magician at the same time. Either you stay as a doubter or trust the process. No middle ground.

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Wow! Thank you. Both of you. :smiley:

Absolutely, this is something that is encoded in our very being. Each one of us it sensitive to everything that goes on around us. Some are so used to ignoring it they don’t see it, and some choose not to see it. Just as with anything you do in life, it needs to be worked at if you are to develop it.

Truly wanting to means absolutely nothing in my opinion. I truly want to run a marathon and I truly want to be a gazillionaire and I want it tomorrow. None of that will happen unless i dedicate myself to either perfecting my physical fitness or take some financial classes.

Lots of people truly want something, but I can tell you the majority are lazy in reality.

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About the same as becoming a musician(or any other skill really): With work anyone can learn to play the guitar, some better than others, but not everyone can be a rock star


I agree.


These days I was just thinking about E.A.'s words “You already have the power and the knowledge” besides those on being, already as well, living gods: becoming a living god isn’t an event but a continuous process.
According to an Italian author, the knowledge is infinite and the Magickal Path starts at the Earth Tower and ends with the Air Tower which is neutral (both + and -), here we have a turning upside-down so that the magician returns to Earth and may follow the path once again or some times more.
So, the concept is similar. Perhaps even a newbie have basic idea/intuition about how to perform evocation or spellcasting, and may succeed; still, there is room for improvement.

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