Magick and seizures

Any epileptic magickians here, or any magickians here ever experience a seizure related to your workings?

First off, I’m already booked with my doctor on Monday, so the rational action has already been taken. That being said, I think I had a seizure last night, and I think it may have something to do with being attacked a couple days ago. Long story short, a couple days ago we had an unwelcome guest of the spiritual kind pay us a visit. It is gone now, so I am not terribly concerned on that front. Problem is I dropped like a stone in the shower last night and my mate found me doing the fish flop on my bathroom floor. I twitched for the rest of the night and I feel like I got kicked in the head and am lost in the fog, even as I write this. Also, I have never been diagnosed with epilepsy. So, I have a few questions/musings I would like to throw out here on BALG.

Can a spiritual attack cause a seizure?

Can a spiritual attack cause a latent condition to be triggered?

Are their any epileptic magickians here who have had issues working magick, and if so, what is your work-around?

I eagerly await your thoughts, guys. On that note, going back to sleep for a bit.


I am not epileptic; however, I can answer some of your questions. I’m also glad you are seeing a doctor.

Yes, a spiritual attack can cause seizures. And yes, such an attack can also unmask conditions. Spirits can manipulate and disrupt the electrical makeup of your brain, muscles, and even your heart. If your doctor is unable to find a biological explanation for your episode, it is likely that is what you experienced. A disruption in your electrical or chemical state. Keep in mind, it could also be a “sneaky” condition that may require an ongoing analysis.


Yes. I’m epileptic. Lucifer and Lilith’s first callings had my legs convulsing.
Pot is generally my workaround.

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Spiritual attack or perhaps something else. Either way more defenses are required. I suggest contacting Marbas


I appreciate the input everyone.

I meant more like an attack of a spiritual nature, i.e. parasite, entity, another practitioner, etc. I am leaning towards entity or astral nasty (been getting a lot of that lately).

Any ones in particular you would suggest for this?

And I think that is the other half of the equation. I think there is probably something actually wrong, but it is either a latent condition that could have been triggered in that instance, or something that is developing with age.

I’m taking your advice right now, lol.


That is very possible. My brother suddenly became epileptic many years ago. To this day, the doctors still can’t give me a clear answer as to the exact cause of it. Good news, he has gotten better. He hasn’t had any seizures or black outs in over two years. He barely has to take medication anymore.

Epileptic and neurological conditions are still difficult to understand even with the advances in technology. It seems to be one of those things that you can only diagnose as it’s occurring. One second, everything is fine and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with you, the next you’re seizing or unconscious. Quite the enigma.


For this specifically. Yeah I suggest a guardian temple. They take pride in their work and let nothing pass.


This may provide some info pertaining to your question.

Seizures in the temporal lobe have been shown to be correlated with mystical visions and the feeling of unseen presences in the room, for what it’s worth.


I Agree with Serpent Increase Protection or perhaps summon a guradian with this as its purpose.


I read that article and it definitely supports an argument for spiritual attack. Two days prior I had an unwanted guest in my home (spiritual). All I got was 100% certainty of a presence and the mental impression of it taking up the space of about 4’ tall by 2.5’ thick and 2-2.5’ wide, no defined shape, rooted to the ground like a person would be if it was standing there. Nothing besides that. I thought I got rid of it, which I still feel I did, but it could have left a lasting effect from our ‘argument’ that may have triggered a latent health issue.

Temple guardian it is! Any good resources on creation besides Google? I have zero knowledge of or experience with them.


Yeah I’ll send you info in a few mins :slight_smile:

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