Magick and Romance- The balance between Free Will and Inspired/Awoken Love

Obviously, Love Spells are one of the oldest and most prevalent forms of Magick; but where do Ethics end and malefaction begin?
What is Ethical, vs. Taking things too far; and how far can/should things be taken?
What are some of the Most Powerful Techniques each of you has utilized to great effect in this area, and how would You recommend ReKindling the embers which were once a Blazing Flame?


Imho there are no Ethics. If you want to do it, just do it but you just have to understand that

  1. it’s not as easy as it sounds.
  2. It will be temporary.
  3. the person you’re trying to get back won’t be the same person you once knew/loved.
  4. things can go very nasty.

If you’re ok with all the above, then by all means go do it! Personally I’m not doing love spells anymore. Too much work for something that doesn’t worth it at the end. Plus, I’d rather have a person that likes me for who I am and not because I cursed him/her.


Very insightful.
Thank you for your feedback.

When you work love spells on another you have already muddied the waters.

True love never needs manipulation, so everything you do in a love spell is going to be unethical. Either do it fully without moral justification or dont do it at all.

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If you have a moral issue connected to love rituals the best way to utilize this form of magick the is to use it to bring love into your life instead of trying to inject love into someone as it were. Then you turn yourself into a magnet to attact people into your life that you can love.


Very insightful.
Thank you for your feedback.

I appreciate your valuable time, and your sharing wisdom.