Magick and results

If a ritual is perfectly selected, timed and cast for a particular job,would that give absolute results everytime i.e.success it is done without fail or even then also there is a great chance of failure to manifest,say for example in baneful work.

Just trying to understand the mechanics of a ritual


No your mind is the tool that really matters. You could perform a perfect ritual by the book but it don’t mean jack squat unless your mind is where it needs to be and just the same you could have a profound experience with a spirit while sitting on the toilet just because your mind happened to be in the zone at that moment.


No news here nope none at all from me…

I’m not the right person to ask. I still consider myself to be a beginner by far. I would just suggest this as food for thought: If we humans are all “gods” and perform mundane/low magick consciously or unconsciously everyday, it seems likely that many things could conceivably fuck up your magickal goals regardless of whether or not you did things “correctly”.

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Maybe you wanna Specify there, DarkPilgrim.

Becouse, it depends on many Things.
Personal Defense of your target for example.
Some magicians, you don’t notice as being magicians.
Then, each Religion haves own type of Magick.
Family Spirits may also come in affect, for Baneful Magick.

So saying one Action will always result in one Outcome, is quite old, scientific view to me.
Yes, you can see it that way.
And it will help you learn.
But the reality,
is that Cause-Effect, isn’t the whole Story.