Magick and Prosperity

In one of E.A.s videos, he said (loosely paraphrased), “If you are calling yourself a magician, yet are living in your mom’s basement, something is wrong. Because magick should improve your life.” He seemed to be using this as a metaphors for “financially struggling.” I don’t have any hard data, but my strong suspicion is that very few of us on here are financially prosperous. If that is so, why? Any thoughts?

Well, how many “magicians” pull their noses out of "magick"books long enough to study economics, investing and actually put physical energy and dedication into building personal wealth and doing the work required and being patient enough for years to allow the process to finally snowball? How many magicians, who tend to be artistic and creative types, have the business acumen and discipline to stick with that? How many magicians have cast money spells hoping to get something for nothing like people who buy powerball lottery tickets (myself included :)?

I wonder if EA won the megamillions lottery or had some windfall that made him financially independent for the rest of his life if he would even bother continuing with BALG after a while. :wink:

It’s been said infinite times that a desire to get into magick often comes from a sense of personal powerlessness, which goes hand in hand with being poor. Although sometimes the desire to get into the occult can come from a sense of curiosity. It my case it was a combination of that with boredom at a time in my life when I was doing fine financially but dissatisfied with my overall life situation and wanted to escape. Boy did magick ever provide me a way out over a year later in a lifestyle I’m not going to elaborate on here.

What he means is your magick will never work depending on family and friends. I understand this because I have no one to save me. I have slept in the elements before been homeless doing rituals from a cave where I was living. I come to see it just straightened my magick and molded be into the black magician I am today. The best rituals you’ll ever do are the ones your life and well being depends on. Every been hungry?

Damnation is liberation

Well here comes the brutal honesty because IMO, honesty equals being real as fuck. I don’t claim to be rich not by any means but I’m not completely struggling, I’ve been far worse off plenty of times before. I do the best I can with my entrepreneurial side gigs to rake in some extra cash as needed and occasionally I do enchant my business banner with a little mojo to get some extra cash but honestly, that desire to be extremely rich seems to have faded over the last year or so as I’ve gotten a little older and realized that prosperity does not always have to mean financial prosperity.

I just can’t bring myself to call on a bunch of demons and ask them for everything I need, I am too prideful and stubborn and my prosperity comes in the form of a sense of a job well done. Being able to say I did that, no one helped me financially. I am still working on building my first house and the ground has already been broken and we will most likely start laying the foundation in just a few weeks.

Now granted, last year I had some help from Paimon convincing my parents to let me build the house on their land because they are stubborn too and wanted to keep me in apartments for the rest of my life which I cannot feel the slightest bit comfortable in, under some dick head landlord’s control who can kick me out at a moment’s notice and I will lose my deposit and everything I’ve put into the place so far. It’s happened before because I can’t take orders from landlords or keep my mouth shut long enough to stay in an apartment.

But I am paying for all of the building materials myself. I could call Bune or someone similar and say hey, help me get some cash for this but I kept resisting those urges I had several months back and I really feel like I would not be able to say ‘I got that, that was all me, no one paid for that’ unless I truly did the work myself. And if my house is almost completed and I find myself still shy by a few grand, if my dad offers to pitch in so he can hurry and get me out of his hair, I will pay him back for it.

So, I’m living in my mom’s basement (er, the spare bedroom) but back before I really got hardcore into working with demons I had already planned to stay here for a little while to get some things straightened out and my plan was to convince my dad to let me build the house on his land because he has like 87 acres and he let my brother stay on his land, in my old house that I originally paid for, just let my brother move in while I was gone traveling for a month or so and tossed my shit out into a fire pit, and my brother is twice my age living in his little sister’s house for free, which he never paid me back for and he is the reason why his little sister was suddenly doomed to shitty apartment living in the first place, him and my mom who openly and admittedly favors my oldest brother.

So the least they could do is give me a damn piece of property after what they did to me and my parents are stubborn, well not my dad so much, mainly my mom and her and I don’t get along at all so she needed some convincing to let me stay here and put up with our clashing attitudes long enough for me to build this house, so yeah I had outside influence on that but the monetary stuff is all coming from me!

You don’t have to use magick for every little thing, if you get used to doing that you will never learn how to do things for yourself. Being a god does not mean you must use magick 24/7 and everything you earn MUST be earned via magickal means. We live in a physical world, whether we like it or not and sorry but you can’t say “bibbity bobbity boo” and have every single mundane desire appear before your eyes, some things need to be physically built unless one of you has discovered a way to snap your fingers and make solid objects manifest in front of everyone, then please let me know so I can bypass the building phase of my house and move in tomorrow.

But also, material possessions and dependence of mass amounts of money can lead to dissatisfaction. Eventually you are no longer satisfied, greed takes over, and you want more and more. Humans are driven by the pursuit of happiness, but just when they’ve achieved happiness it sprouts legs and runs away saying catch me if you can, which drives the human to seek more money and more material possessions.

Sorry but I just do not agree with E.A. in that aspect. Money does always equal happiness, money does not make you a god or make you any more worthy than anyone else for that matter. If you haven’t noticed, he seems to be driven by monetary gain so of course he would say that because that’s his version of happiness, and yeah I saw that video. But you know, one thing that I have noticed about E.A. is that yeah, he is prosperous and happy and wealthy, but seems to me like most of his riches have been given to him by the mass droves of demons he works with.

How many times do you hear him making references to creating his own achievements from thin air, molding something out of nothing on his own, or going to the astral plane and bringing back some magic mojo dust to shape his reality from nothingness? Not too often, I seem to hear him referencing the demons who did this or that for him more often than not. Just food for thought, and I’m aware that I could be wrong about that as we don’t know what he does in his own private time but he mostly only teaches about what other spirits can do for you instead of encouraging people to evoke the spirit and get the information on how to do it themselves.

Call me names if you want, call me worthless but that’s just my opinion and what I value. I like the idea of putting some blood, sweat and tears into my projects as opposed to taking the easy way out all the time, because it means I have real experience that I can vouch for and I believe that some physical work on the part of the magician is necessary to keep from becoming too lazy or complacent.

I moved back home to assist an elderly family member in their twilight years. Presently, it would be too much money to move said family member to a home.

I am literally living in my mother’s basement during this. And before you ask, no, the twilight individual is not my mother.

Last I checked, I am still a magician.

We do okay, but I’m not comfortable talking about that. I will say that our situation has been drastically improved as a result of black magick in the past 9 months. Sorry, that’s all I want to share on this. :slight_smile:

The “mom’s basement” bit IMO is because someone who’s living like that is usually disempowered, and also not being responsible for themselves - obviously situations vary, some people live with the 'rents or family and do just fine, but the crushing effect on most adults of having to return to that state isn’t really healthy for our fullest evolution.

It’s easy to be delusional and think you’re a godlike being when your mum still does your laundry and you’ve never had to manifest anything substantial, and sustained, and with no safety net of parents with a spare room and full fridge. I’ve fucking starved and frozen in my early years, because that wasn’t an option for me (for various reasons) so I do know what I’m talking about here!

Frater U.D. nails it in his book Money Magick - all other forms of magick, you can kind of kid yourself when they don’t work, but with money magick, you either succeed or you fail, and there’s no hiding that fact.

And it’s the same limiting thing with shitty jobs - as I wrote before on here, “Poverty makes us less able to be ourselves because other people will pay us to compromise, rein it in a bit, tone it down, and with no other option people are forced to comply… that’s why poverty by any definition sucks.”

My hero David Neagle points out that if there’s ever anything you want to be, do, or have, and lack of money prohibits that, then money has become your God - it’s the arbiter of what experiences you’ll have, what kind of person you will develop into, and it’s literally ruling your reality.

Now, I have a way to go befiore I will be in a place where “money’s no object” if I suddenly want to take a private jet to travel round Egypt or something, sure, but I recognise the core truth in his words, and that goes double for people who are more seriously limited in terms of simple things, like having time to commit to a course of study or to do a fast or a long pathworking.

There’s always the option to magick up the “things” (objects, events, experience, whatever) without money as the intermediary as well, and I do much better at that than short-term lump-sum money magick right now, so as I see it, the “mom’s basement” also touches on that - it’s about more than hard cash, it’s about not being handed a plateful of shit by life and just accepting it.

Iam Incide- so would you say that magick has provided with with little direct help with prosperity?


The honest answer for me personally is absolutely none. In all fairness, possibly because I have never, as far as I recall, tried to use it for money making matters and any prosperity I have experienced was through normal, mundane means. So I can’t answer from a standpoint of success or failure regarding magick and money because I’ve never used the former to attain the latter. OTOH, I have had extraordinary “coincidences” occur around other types of targeted goals but even then I never just come out and make some assumptive, grandiose claim that it was my “magick” that did it, like magicians tend to do, even if I believe or want to believe that I actually created some ripple effect in my personal reality. Maintaining that attitude helps me keep my “magical ego” in check and also helps prevent me from going off on some delusional trip thinking I’ve evolved into Sauron the Great or something.

What keeps you motivated in practicing magick then?

That’s a great question Jboy, and the answer is manifold. Actually, at the moment I’m not really practicing much but I continue with my studies because the day will come when I will go full contact again. Why I have been drawn to magick for decades and why I likely will until the day I die:

  1. There are other frequencies of reality all around us populated with their own beings, entities, etc and magick somehow seems to open a gateway and provide a code of interaction between us and these other-dimensional beings.

  2. Magick feeds my sense and hunger for mystery

  3. Magick centers me when I practice it on a daily or near daily basis and gives me a sense of control in my life. It makes me feel like I have a firmer grip on the steering wheel of my life and destiny.

  4. Because I am convinced magick is real, not in the adolescent Harry Potter sense that the Demon Springheels will give me the “magical” ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound or the Demon Wastepuff will infuse my farts with magic mustard gas that kills anyone within a nine foot radius of me excluding myself, but real in the sense of altering my personal reality in an almost electromagnetic way and in a way that looks like mind control of others.

  5. and a last reason I remain interested in magick, although I could go on indefinitely, is that magick, for me, opens the hatch for the magician to submerge into the Collective Unconscious where the panels of power and keys to the grid of reality reside. This is the level/frequency where the conscious magician can tug on the spider web threads that link individual consciousness together; a sort of puppet master realm.