Magick and gambling

Why ain’t we all filthy rich?

Recently working with Archangel Barakiel
He made Croatia win vs Denmark yesterday and I won a bet :pray:


Don’t follow sports but I play some rulete here and there.
I knew the firsf number that would come a couple of times. I just close my eyes and see the number or 3 numbers and play them.
Works only when I go play on friends request


you are going down the gambling road then poker is a magician’s game. Try working with water spirits to teach you how to read people. Couple that with solid training on your intuition and you can do quite well for yourself. There was a brief period where that was how I paid my bills. Just be careful to learn lessons they try to teach you AWAY from the table, lol.


Because Magick is gaining from self not from nothing.
The poker suggestion is a good example. You are learning to read people and situations.

It’s a pendulum, it always goes both ways so you need to learn how to move it both ways to fully control “riches”.


Hey !
Ive been searching ways to win sport bets long ago but It did not happened :joy::joy::point_up_2::point_down:
Maybie you could share some bets with me ?:relieved::1st_place_medal:
It would be amazing :metal::fire::point_up_2::point_down::ok_hand::heart:

How are you working with archangel Barichiel?

Because we lack the skill, planning, focus, integrity, networking ability, persuasive skill, and basic character wealthy people have.

Hardly anyone on this board wants to admit that, but there you go.

Money doesn’t lie.


Wanna suggest anything to fix the aforementioned things?

No. I’m in the same boat as you.