Magick and animals

Are animals capable of casting spells? Or is this an ability restricted to us humans? I’ve seen strange occurrences concerning this topic and I’m curious to know your opinions…

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Great question, OP! We’re the only ones who can cast spells that are really recognizable to us, because animal patterns are less logical and directed and more in the very air they displace; it’s like a map versus a waypoint! Foxes have some of the coolest stuff around. :slight_smile:

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Magick is unique to humans in the material plane because humans possess a much higher level of sentience than animals.

Animals do got spirits, it is just that they are much more in tune with the natural world than humans, as manipulation of magick requires a certain spiritual maturity that animals lack, and even, most humans lack (most humans are just animals with a tiny spark of divinity).


Alternatively, is it possible to do magick to control what an animal does to some extent? Say you want a pet bird to dislike someone and attack when they’re near. Or a cat to give attention to someone they don’t seem to dislike or like.

Yes it’s possible.

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magick would not be necessary if it your companion. Animals have a sixth sense and they will know if you like someone or not

Unfortunately the animals are no longer my companions… Just wondering if I can wreak the smallest bit of havoc with them though.