Magicians union Midwest local No. # 666 apprentice, journeyman and masters

Hey everyone Its your old buddy Dr. Thoth here inviting all you magicians in the Midwest region to say hello and make yourself known. The Midwest is where I hail Satan from and we so far have a little community of us setting up meetings and sharing educational materials as well as planning festival and ritual. If you’re in the Midwest region and interested in hanging out then feel free to go ahead and make yourself available right here in this thread and one of us will PM you and have a little chat to see if you might like to share in our activities and festivities. Cheers!


Missouri here, but being sent to Mississippi soon then gods know where good luck tho

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Are you in the military or something is that why you are bouncing around?

I’m in the Southwest. Otherwise I would totally be with you guys, lmk how it goes Dr.!

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Still welcome to chat online with us if you like.

I am going into FEMA to help out with disaster’s and what not

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Good to see you’re doing your bit for strong respiratory health in those pics! :heart_decoration: :ok_hand:

In a country where 27 per cent of adults smoke, only 6.4 per cent of the Covid-19 cases were smokers. This was not a fluke finding. Awkwardly for the anti-smoking lobby, smokers have been strangely under-represented in all the studies for which smoking prevalence data is available. They made up just 1.4 per cent of the cases in Zhang et al, 6.7 per cent in Wan et al, 3.9 per cent in Mo et al, seven per cent in Huang et al, nine per cent in Dong et al, 10 per cent of cases in Yang et al, 1.9 per cent in Guan et al, six per cent in Zhou et al, and 6.4 per cent in Liu et al.

#CigsNotVentilators #SnoutsSaveLives #BaccyBeatsWuFlu

Never smoked, myself, just like a bit of chaos, throwing its wrench into the usual old dogma… :crazy_face:


I once quit for 2 months but once I got out of jail I was smoking again. Lol I’ve been meaning to quit eventually but since I quit drinking and smoking pot I was like well I need to hang on to at least one vice for a while Lol

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I think it is big cig propaganda. Smoking causes COPD which makes you die to COVID-19.

Roflmao I just realized thanks to these comments that you’re smoking :joy: :joy:

Edit: To contribute in all this convo I’ll just say one thing --> Fumigation <–

Ayyy what’s up! I’m from MI, super cool to see this thread.