Magicians from the south. mississippi, tennessee, and alabama

Anyone here?

Well… Im south but further west than you, Oklahoma

North Alabama; Tennessee Valley area

Um… NOVA. That’s technically the south.

What is Nova?

Um, North Virginia, I think. ; ) Z

There needs to be more occultists here, I should take on an apprentice or start a group.

south Mississippi here!

If thats something you feel strongly about, maybe you should! We always want what we want for a reason, and that reason is often bigger than just us… :wink: Z

southern indiana right across the ditch from kentucky

I’m in northern Indiana, maybe we ought to meet up sometime.

Lol the only two magicians in indiana seeking godhood and of course we live on opposite ends. Don’t know how feasable that would be since I don’t drive and I don’t see me hopping a greyhound up north for a long while.

wish I had known that…I just spent 3 weeks in Michigan and 3 weeks in Indiana. Stayed in Anderson, IN. and Seymour, IN.


Hey Ya’ll,

I’m from Texas.

As a funny sidenote, Last year I ran an ad in a local newspaper for two weeks seeking individuals interesting in starting an Occult Magic group for study. I live on the edge of a northern most Sioux Indian reservation. I received not one phone call about it. I could not believe all the interest here…LOL.


I’ve thought about taking on an apprentice as well but from past experience it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. Although due to the seemingly high demand for more knowledge on psychic combat and self defence I’m currently entertaining writing a book or two in order to get more information out there on how effective and preactical it can be.

I say “Go for It”, Kitari. With the massive overload of fluffy new-age type stuff out there. alot of Earnest Seekers are looking for practical, modern-language information. Many are so discouraged at first, because the older texts they turn to are often difficult for a beginner to understand. :wink: Z

Yeah walking into the occult section in any library/bookstore these days is always rather disheartening for the serious practitioner.

Awww, come on guys! How can you not love Silver Ravenwolf??? rofl! Gives me the warm and fuzzys just thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, that’s pretty much what you get for “modern language” at the big book stores. That is why I am so loving EA’s works, modern language, no fluff :wink:

They should make it illegal to write fluff books