Magician in a Christian workplace? Help

Hey guys.
So uh I’m gonna try and keep this short and simple.
I want to ask you guys if any of you had to work in a work environment where your colleagues are ‘born again’ Christians? How do you or how did you handle that situation? I am kind of in that situation right now. I do come from a Christian background however I’ve changed my ways and turned to magick instead. I’m fairly still a new magician and would like to have advice on that.

It feels like they look at me with judging eyes because I am not on the same path as them and it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s a marketing job where I require to get in clients to sign up for some shit you guys know how it works. Anyways so to be successful and seeing that I’m new into magick I would require to do some rituals in order for me to excel in my work but I feel like I’ll be drawn back or my rituals would not work because of ‘them’.

Please let me know what your thoughts are and how your experiences were and how you rose above a situation like this or similar like this?



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Trial and error is your best friend in a situation like this. Try a rite, see if it works or if angelic ambience is frustrating the result. Rinse and repeat.

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Hey Dusk thanks for your reply. Can you be more specific I am really new to this path so can you go into more detail if you can?

Superstition, it seems that you still think that being Christian gives people any power (other than the power of being assholes)


Where I live, almost everyone is Christian, small town that the Christian college pays for most of it, so I know to a degree what you’re dealing with. I’m sure others here can give you better advice on the rituals, but as far as dealing with your coworkers, be respectful. I work in retail, and not the type to hide what I believe.

At first I won’t lie, it was kind of awkward and I dealt with plenty of people trying to “save me”, but honestly the best thing you can do is talk to them. Once people get to know you, usually they’ll back off of the trying to save you thing at least they have for me. I cant count how many hours I’ve spent after work talking to people about christianity, the bible, and random other things. I’ve been asked to help at local churches running the sound system etc, and I have and will again. They are on a different path yes, but if you put forth the effort to be respectful, be helpful, and let them know while you dont agree with them, you do hear them, most people will return the favor.


Thanks for the reply. It truly sounds like you know exactly what you’re talking about. And yes I know for sure the ‘save’ part is still to come cause I’m fairly new at the job. And I also have a feeling they are praying for me maybe in hopes that I join them. However my mind is already made up I’ve been there before and I feel like I don’t want to go back there. I want to grow on the path I am on right now and to learn as much as I can from the entities I’m currently working with and ones that I will work with in future. As I said I’m new and I learn a lot from this forum each and every day.

Are all of them born again christians? They have a right to live their own journey however that being said absolutely no right to impose their beliefs on you in a negative way whatsoever.

Are you projecting this? Do they know you are on a magickal path?

Money usually has a louder voice and larger presence than God, so I would say do your job to the best of your ability, focus on getting those clients and show them how sales is done.


No they do not know that I am on a magickal path and I try to keep it as secret as possible. Not even any of my family members know that I am on this path. I wouldn’t say I’m projecting this like I said I’ve been where they have been and I feel like one of them are trying to figure me out or ‘discern’ on what I am about?

Thanks I appreciate your input and reply.

I’ve been told by a lot of people they are praying for me, lol. From my experience the best thing you can do is smile and say thank you. Stay on your path, stay true to it, but remember that they are in their own and it is as important to them as it is yours. Truth be told, we may all be on different paths but in the end we are all the same.
We are all lost at some point trying to find ourselves and our places, but so is everyone else. We may be lost but at least we are not lost alone.

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Well thats a natural process when we meet someone, usually if its in passing its quicker. But as a colleague it’s natural to want to know who your working with, it’s how friendships develop.

I would not worry about it. But if it nags at you to where it’s going to manifest negatives, Belial is good with work matters and related relationships and can help smooth your road for you.

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Thank you for the advice. It is appreciated.

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I embraced magick when I was, ironically, studying in a heavily Christian school.

From my experience, Christianity is a “disease” that will go away after time passes; the more you embrace your new path the better.

In my opinion, Christians have the weakest of minds since is it a religion of self-hate and disempowerement; this make them, therefore, easier to use magick against them.

After some time, I quickly realized that the only power of Christianity or a Christian environment is the attention or power that you feed it.

Try to ignore this and focus on your own power and strenght to overcome the Christian influence and, since the religion is actually very weak, you will conquer.


Are all of them Christians or just some of them?

Either way, just confront them and tell them that you appreciated them glaring at you. If it doesn’t stop, report it to HR. If HR doesn’t do anything, then banish them.

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I dated a born again xtian once, I made him cry because I “hurt gods feelings” by not believing in him. No joke. But this was after shagging him senseless so I guess he was feeling all soft and vulnerable. :joy: Just say no to xtianity kiddies; it fucks you up.

Why do they even know what religion or philosophy you follow? this isn’t relevant to the workplace and personally I don’t answer questions about my path ever.

I just say I’m ‘spiritual but not religious’ and leave it at that. It’s not thier business. If they actually let it affect thier professionalism, you should make a harassment complaint to HR.

After that, I would say don’t talk to them about this, keep your conversations on topic at work and stop talking to the sheeplies about things they can’t/won’t understand.