Magically creative ideas to close a real estate deal?

I’m looking for creative spell crafting ideas and hope you guys can give me input:

I own a piece of property in another state that I must sell. What would be a good way to manifest a committed buyer? I’d like to do either chaos magic/sigil work, or create an elemental/servitor to help me out. I am not interested in summoning spirits and making pacts and all that fun stuff, so please none of those suggestions; just either a sigil and/or a elemental servitor of my own creation. For what it is worth I do have a bunch of earth/dirt from the property so I think that would come in handy.

As much as it’d be great to get my full asking price I am open to negotiation. More important to me is the timing, i.e., I want this sold yesterday, if you get my drift. Of course if I can get full asking price and a quick sale, that’s good too. :grinning:

Any creative ideas for me, BALG? Thanks in advance.

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I believe occult riches has a ritual that’d be useful for this.

Thanks! Occult Riches? I am unfamiliar with them. Do you have a link/source? Or do you mean the WordPress website of the same name?

It’s a book by Damon Brand.


For spirits I recommend Bune and King Paimon, maybe Belial.


Much appreciated

I recommend Belphegor

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From personal experience I can tell you this, King Paimon is really good.