Magical Vibrations

Do our Vibrations have effect on environment around us I mean everything People, Plants, Animals and especially Non-living things even a a chair in our house and yeah our mobile devices too!?

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Yes because the world (universe) is vibration everything existing has a vibration and of course it has an effect on what is around. Scientists call it epigenetic: it is your environment modifying your genetic.
Think about the bees only some of them become queen because they eat the royal gele, but at birth they were all the same. You can see twins too if one has an activity different from his twin he will be different (face shape and body).


May I add that we often see experimentation to saying to a plant I love you and the other I hate you, they will no grow the same, or a tear on the microscope is different if it is a tear of joy, laugh or sadness . Voice, thoughts, are vibration too, that’s how the LOA works.
Hope it helps.

Do with which feeling we learn a skill has any relation with speed of learning the skill?
I mean if a person is learning something with bad mood will learn slow
And a person learning in good mood will he/she get fast results in his/her learning progress?

I think if you are trustfull in yourself and your will is strong, yes that will make a change.