Magical Uber Driver

Hey guys
As much I had realised that Demons or any Spirit help in financial matters by some means like increasing our earning pay
As you know Uber eats does not give you fix pay it just depends on Number of deliveries and tips
If I ask any Spirit to help me manifest money
Would they help me to get more high paying deliveries and attract customer who gives more tips
Something like that
Or in what way?



But there’s a common saying about not limiting your magick by constraining it. Do you want more deliveries or do you want more money?

Well obviously I want more money

If it’s so obvious, why are your frying small fish with your Uber job instead of asking how to get money?

Help yourself to the search feature is my recommendation.


Because my only source of money is this job I don’t have any other job so I was wondering from what elsewhere money will come up

If it’s obvious you’re after money, then go after the money. Stop doing magick playing with Uber driving, do magick and get somewhere with it.

How long have you been practicing? Do you have much success? If you do, then stop playing with petty cash and manifest your money. If you haven’t, the truth is nothing at all is going to work for you until you get your head on straight and figure out what’s keeping you from doing magick worthy of your time and attention.


I did a Magickal cashbook ritual to manifest $50000
Not got yet

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Do you have any way for it to manifest in your life?


The only way I had in mind is magick

Basically, you have this concept: sphere of availability. Something can come to your life or it can’t, and if there is no way for it to come, it won’t. Then again, you can expand your sphere with magick by going in steps to something bigger, in order to forge paths. In this case, it would be a job with better pay. Once you get that, you go for another. And so on.

Yes, there is a way to do it without any path, but it involves having blind faith, that’s basically a superpower and what makes miracles possible. This is a personal opinion and shouldn’t be taken as anything else.


Yes, but is there an avenue through which the magick can travel to get you that money? Magick travels through the path of least resistance…so do you have any paths in your life the magick can change and travel through?

Job opportunities
Property owner
Business owner
Selling things online


You have to put in some work, you just can’t ask for whatever amount of money and not do your part and meet the spirit half way, you know? Give the magick an avenue to get the desired result to you.

If you’re an uber driver or lyft driver, door dash uber eats etc, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you also have to be realistic and think how can I get $50K doing this…it would take a long time for that to happen.

Instead, ask for the road to be opened and for the money to come to you. Don’t limit yourself to just the uber eats job. If you’re realistic when asking for the money, the road will open and the money will come.


When you have blind faith in your power, miracles start happening!

You’ve been given some great advice @change . With this but in general, @ReyCuervo 's words on your sphere of availability are great.


Also remember demons don’t always work for you but instead work through you :metal:


Hey Hey! I got your back, I use to work for Doordash for the past 2 years, just recently stopped, but I can go back at any time.

Check it out, you can absolutely make a shit ton of money doing that okay. It’s basically like commission, the harder you work the better you get paid.

So okay there are a handful of things you need to do, but I got some questions.

1.) What entities do you work with? ( If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, I can recommend one)
2.) Do you give blood to the entity/s and how often?
3.) Do you do rituals?
4.) Do you do affirmations?
5.) Are you able to use tools and work on your own car? ( This one saves thousands of dollars )

Please reply whenever you get the chance.

But please know that these results are not guaranteed, it depends on some factors pertaining to you, like going to a different city that may be more lucrative orders and tips, but! I can personally tell you that I had a successful experience, the only problem I had was that my car crapped out on me and I should have paid better attention when my friend( entity ) told me to care for my car, as I did my own mechanical work. Please note that yes my car did crap out on me, but it is a poor conditioned 1994 pickup truck Gmc Sierra that I bought off Facebook marketplace for a little over $1000 and I made that car last for years, so if you have a newer car from the year 2000 - present, then that wont be a problem for you.

But don’t worry I already made the mistakes for you, just let me know. I know some people are trying to give advice on here to get a better source of making money and ect… but man this job should be temporary, untill you make enough money to move on to something more rewarding in pay, there are limitations, but! You can still make alot of money doing this and be able to live above average.


I know that I shouldn’t be limited to Uber but I take it as a starting point later I’ll invest in other stuff

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Here,look for baths to increase luck.tat way u get tips more trips or meet someone who will help you,and carry a seal of prosperity.,it’s basic but will keep you busy for while