Magical tools flow into my life out of nowhere :D Everything is perfect

Ever since I (kind of) worked with King Paimon and Asmoday, things have changed drastically!
First, I experienced a period of extreme productivity - shortly after I was burned out and went through “spiritual depression”.
Three days after I let myself go because I needed rest, things started to manifest like crazy. I cannot become tired through work, anymore. I am more motivated than I ever was to take matters into my own hand. Hell… I even ordered “Magical Servitors” to boost my results. It has yet to arrive but other things manifested out of nowhere.

Servitors are special and documenting their data should be done in something that is really meaningful to you. A few days ago, a merchant who crafts handmade leather books sold me a really cool looking leather book with a pentagram etched into it. It’s empty and the perfect space for my servitors. Furthermore, the same merchant sold me both Sandalwood and Frankincense.
Both King Paimon and Asmoday are very fond of Frankincense.
Everything seems to be perfect. My personal ascension is accelerating in speed


Glad to see you are experiencing good times. Make use of the upswings in life to mitigate those downswings that will come in the future.

Happy Casting :rose:

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