Magical Healing 30 days challenge


I begin with this post a healing challenge.

I will use Magic Healing with subjects suffering of chronic illness and pain.

I’ll use various magick (Goetic, Archangelic, energetic) to heal during 30 honest days.

I begin today with a 58 yo woman suffering of brachial cervical neuralgia.
Method: Evocation of Buer (EA Koetting method of Evocation)

From tomorrow, I’ll use everyday the central pillar ritual as described in The Miracle of New Avatar Power of Gray-Cobb and in Magick for Beginners: The Power to Change Your World from JH Brennan to help a 45 yo woman with fibromyalgia.

I’ll report results here as I regularly have contact with this two women.


I will be reading this thread.


This could help you. I’ll follow it too if you can’t do it for yourself I will do it for you if proven successful.


I love you, girl :smiley:

Thanks a bunch

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Thank you Angelb1083

My goal is to develop explore all kind of ways of healing others.

I haven’t mentioned it but the idea came to me after helping a friend suffering from anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome with Raphael Sigil magick (AoM book). I even used the power of Tzadkiel to heal her memory from a abuse trauma memory from childhood. So far, this friend is better at almost 80%, wich is, for this kind of chronic disease (IBS) not that bad.

I also helped a friend of mine with shoulder pain, as doctors didn’t find what’s wrong with him. I used Middle pillar ritual but only for 4 days. I saw him one week later and was going great ! With a huge improvement of his ailment ! But alas, I didn’t continue the ritual and when I saw him one month later he told me he was really in pain again.

I have also healed myself from a non-severe back injury (muscle pull) with only 3 times of NAP chant for Health ritual.

So, as you see even if I am on the LHP (vampirism, Demon evocations …) I am overall an eclectic practionner, and especially fascinated by the potentiel of healing through magick.

So, I’ve decided to hold this journal of experiments here, because it will force myself to be more disciplined and to go on 30 days no matter what, and because I think we - fellow magicians - can maybe share tips and methods to evolve together.

More to come !


You are so welcome that’s what friends are for. If I never get through this herbal course maybe I will have some salves and such that could help too.


This is something I definitely would like to talk to you about. I’m a healer by nature (more animal then human) but I would love to learn how to help people more.

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Well, feel free of course to PM me if you want.

Very happy to meet another healer here.


Suffer from chronic allergy will keep an eye on this , I’m on the same path good luck to you !!
Will bookmark please share it results if something changes , Il do my ritual from universal magick book , hope to have succes


Good luck! I’ll also be following this.
In Arbatel: Of the Magick of the Ancients, it is said that one of the Greater Secrets of Magick is the curing of any ailment within the span of 7 days. The sign of a true master magician.


Day 2.

I have done the central pillar ritual as described in The Miracle of New Avatar Power of Gray-Cobb.

Basically, I perform the whole of the Central Pillar Ritual, and once bathed in white light, I pretend that the white light is changing to a golden light (the planetary color of the sun to attract health). At the same time, I repeat the Name YEHOVAH ELOAH VEDAAS three times, aloud. I then I visualize the woman suffering surrounded by the same golden light, and I pretend she is healed and free from pain.

I’ll do it again tomorrow.

And I will see the woman in two days. I’ll report presence or absence of result, but no matter what will continue the ritual.

For the woman suffering of cervical neuralgia, no more focus on her as I evoked President Buer to heal her. I’ll give news when I’ll see her. If she is fine, I’ll choose another patient.
If she is not better, I’ll evoke Raphael to work on the task too.


Need some healing , you can try on me if want xD

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I was literally about to search “chronic pain” on this forum, and this thread popped up before I had the chance. I’ve had two hip surgeries that didn’t help, and the surgeon still can’t seem to figure out the root cause. I’ve asked Eir for help, but haven’t performed any rituals, yet.

If this 30 day method works, I’d definitely be interested in learning more. So far for myself, I was thinking of a two-pronged approach involving 1. Helping the surgeon to better identify the problem and 2. Lessening the actual everyday pain.


Something that might be helpful with your practice - in the past I have made a list of people whom I wished to have my protection and then named them all in a ritual. This was with a demon in Lucifer’s Legion. Your post reminded me of this.

Maybe something interesting to do would be to maintain a list of people you want to send healing energy to and then do a somewhat involved ritual every so often to keep the energy active for everyone on your list. I’ve had really good results with archangel Raphael using just simple sigil magick, the kind that can be hard to believe actually really happened. I could see an occasional Raphael evocation being rather beneficial alongside the other magick you do.


Never done at distance to someone I don’t know personally.

But why not if my first experiments are successful.


Oh that’s very interesting.

Thank you for sharing this.

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Really you should try some magick to help your pain.

I know it’s old and somehow controversial but the NAP grimoire is a good little book with easy rituals. Some people (included myself) had great realizations with it.
It contains rituals to help in healing. You really should try on yourself.

You can also work with Raphael. Evocation (EA methodology) or even gallery of magick approach. Less spectacular, but effective.

You have nothing to loose !

Do it !

Do it now !

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whats the ea aproach to raphael , can I have the name of the book please thank you !


It’s the course Mastering Evocation. Through the same method, you can evoke any entities, but there is a séquence on evoking angels.


I’ve been focusing on healing magick more lately too, so bookmarked!!! Thanks for sharing your results!!!