Magical Diaries or Journals

I’ve got quite a few magical diaries, yknow those academic diaries? I fill details in for each day but um going to have a library full!

Do you keep a diary of conjuring, meditation etc?

If so, a daily entry?


I used to keep one based on Craig’s “Modern Magick.” I didn’t do daily LBRP (not a ceremonial mage), but i did a daily meditation and divination that i recorded. I also recorded any magick that i wirked that day, big and small. Discovered this way that my personal phases are seasonal, not monthly. I filled two journals before i stopped. I will pick them up again when called to do so


So you had an entry every single day?

I started one when I started practicing magick, but it quickly got to the point where I couldn’t keep up with the experiences I was having. Too many, too quick.

But the journal did let me see “Hey, you are really having these experiences.”

If I’m working on something specific and I need to process my experiences, I might start a journal for that. But my path keeps changing so quickly now that I just kinda have to take it day by day.

I might start an online journal here when I start working through Kurtis Joseph’s “Black Magick of Ahriman”. It might help other people who are trying to figure out if that path is for them or not. I have a feeling that’s going to become a very interesting journey for me.


Indeed i did, every day for about 6 months. Its worth it to not break the chain for that time at least

I always keep a pen and paper handy to write down epiphany’s about magical subject’s and idea’s, hash or weed gives me loads.

The Dragon rouge letter 1.0 gives information on making magical journal’s.

I found an Eastern energy work book which said to write down the points in your life which lead you to think a certain way which may now be causing destructive patterns in ones life, its like journal keeping and revision for times you didn’t keep a journal, personally this exercise has helped me grow and loosen the emotional knots impeding my ascension. Like the event and moment in my childhood that caused me to decide, if the world and its inhabitants don’t give a fuck about me and projected nothing but negativity and hypocrisy, why the fuck should I care about others or play to their rule’s, its heavy emotional work but a must if one intends on getting rid of negative behavioral patterns and becoming the person you were meant to be.

Instead of avoiding hurtful memory’s, face and dissect them, one can only benefit from this exercise.

We all have a wounded child inside of us that needs to be healed and forgiven.


My attitude has been that when one writes down a magical experience, it has a grounding effect, which is useful because lightning needs to be directed safely into the Earth where it can do no harm.


I’ve keep the one spiritual book for over 20 years, It massive now. I keep a track of all magical work I do and spiritual, teachings, ascension issues etc. I write paint and write entries when `I need to. It’s invaluable. I included a link to my website which has some samples of this ( I call this book Solid Mass)