Magical... "Decore"?


So I am moving into a new house soon, currently I am at my moms sleeping on the couch (been this way for 2 years), and in the new house I will actually have a room! (YAY!)

So I want to start decorating with Magical… things, I guess? Just stuff to help with evocation, spells, rituals, etc. So books, plants, incense, crystals, etc.

Just certain things to help it feel more “me” and to be like, “Oh look I have this thing here to help out so I don’t need to go anywhere”

If that makes sense…
Any ideas? Or anything you wish you personally did in your room/house?

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You can set up an altar. Then you can kneel/sit by it and always clear your head and take it seriously when you meditate there and then your energy will be in that spot and you’ll start to feel it immediately when you sit there. Can be a good place to set intentions too.

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Nice! :+1:

It probably sounds hippy-dippy, but let the space tell you, there may be eddies of power that are to do wityh that space, with the earth below, so wait until you’ve spent a night or two there and then feel out what it needs to become fully expressed as a place of power.

I had all these plans for our place when we moved in and none worked once I was actually unpacked and settled, because the spaces have their own ebb and flow. :yin_yang:


You can always have a multipurpose particle or sigil hidden in art in case you have visitors so when you need to use it you can concentrate on activating it while you have guests over. The power of camouflaged magic is amazing.