Magical Art

Hey BALG! :smiley:In addition to the music I make, I also do Art. I just finished this piece you are about to see. Before I started it, I felt demonic power as if they were encouraging me to go for it however I’m led. I must warn you, I’m not a professional artist lol. I just get my materials and draw as I want. I know Im doing it right when I start hitting trance states(like when I select the right color, or when I draw on the right spot on the paper ). I’m asking you guys to please over look the mess and just feel how powerful it is(if it is at all). The only “magical” item i used was some Virgin Olive Oil I consecrated for cleaning energy and for Sexual Energy(charging). And then I went over it with a lighter.


Wow I just made a thread Magick Inspired Art. Talk about synchronized!

At first sight, it didn’t jump out, but then I clicked on the image and zoomed in with my tablet.
The green symbol popped.
The yellow zones give it a sense of divine order.
Once I gazed at the shaded area, the green symbol came alive and I felt drawn in.

I snapped out of it because I don’t know what the intent is, but yeah something works.


So what is its intent?

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@Aluriel there is no consciously formed intent that I gave(as in I want you to do… Etc). It kind of formed by itself. I was thinking of using it to destroy my enemies whether they be human, or otherwise. And I wanted to give you guys the same right of usage so to speak. It’s almost All-Purpose.