Magical Accidents

I think I harmed my ex very badly by getting her involved in the OTO.
I’ll keep it simple and as short as possible.

Back in 2008 I was just learning about the Occult.
Crowley, Waite, Micheal Ford, ect.
Stuff I had no idea what I was doing.
She became obsessed and joined the OTO and got Baptized.
Indigo Mist was her magical name.
I was always skeptical of them and picked up several bad vibes.

Long story short,
We broke up…
She ended up being held captive and sexually abused in a “shake and bake” operation by her High Priestess.
I feel I lead her down a path of abuse and feel super guilty.

Report it to the police. Name names.


I just now recently got back in touch with her.
Plus that’s what I was telling her at the time to do.
I would love to drop names here on the forum but I don’t think it’s appropriate.

Let me just say this.
The whole experience with the OTO was very negative.
I felt like they just wanted to have sex with me and my girlfriend.
I’m talking about 50 year old men and young mothers.
Kind of off putting.
Plus I had no idea what sex majicke was back then.

This is why I feel it was my fault.
Because of my ignorance

So OTO people can really get into some shady stuff. Duly noted.

This was just in the Midwest.
I am not bashing OTO as a whole.

I still read Crowley.

When you mean sexually abused do you mean they are into BDSM or something?

My Ex was forced.

As far as what the average OTO member is into?
As an opinion I think most of them are bisexual.
Then you have the blood and semen rituals.
Light cakes.
Magical Children.

I’m in the O.T.O. Sorry to hear about your ex.

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If you did out people in thread it would just be deleted by the mod. You can always PM people they ask you for them.

I say, go ahead and still report it - I could be wrong, but I think that would give the balancing energy you’re looking for.