Hi! Well this is my question, do you believe that magic is real…but why?

*i am including all kind of magic as well spirits, demos, angels, etc.

Because i have witnessed it first hand. In a deep meditation pets did what i was thinking. In some meditations later i was visited by what first appeared as a poltergeist as people would call it. This thing went into me and i could see our whole revolution in some kind of struddle. Then i was talking with this thing inside my head. Thats why its undenieable to me anymore.

I have never before believed in such things. I was about the most logical thinker out there and a complete mainstreamzombie believing everything authority told me as i have learned in school. While infact 99,9% of what they tell us is utter bullshit to keep an illusion intact where you waste your whole life in slavery, waking when someone else wants it, go sleep when somebody else wants it. Heck even go to the toilette when somebody else say ‘its okay’. You live your life by a prison made for your conciousness letting money rule your entire existence while infact its only a (illegal) ponzi scheme where private people are able to produce as much money as they want for themselves and friends while you and your family and friends have to work your asses off your whole life to pay this depth back.

School is just there to give you an entire wrong view of the world around you to make you a slave and to prison your mind. If one harnest the power a simple housewive can break down entire coltures or governments just by her will. They dont want you to know this because then they wouldnt have anybody left to do the dirty work for them (which is growing day by day as everything gets automated). A human must not even work 10 hours a week these days as everything already could have been automated. Its just to keep your attention on something meaningless so you dont start to think about yourself, the world around you and your life purpose on earth (which from my point of view is - experiences. Experiences as high as to become one with god and be able to do everything you can imagine).

The same thing by the way i think of magic you follow by words of others (books - grimoires and etc). They do indeed work just as fine as the illusion school provides you with. But the top you can reach is when you finally learn to build your very own beliefsystem and stop follow others. The belief every religion is talking about is not the belief in some kind of god or prophet or whatever, from my point of view its the belief itself.

Infact what i strongly believe is that you are the only ‘one’ in your universe and everyone and everything around you is just a copy of it/oneself acting exactly as you unconciously believe they would.
Magic is becomming conciously aware of your unconcious mind and start to rule it instead of letting it rule your life.

Now i explain it in a diagram kind of language:

Everything you think is entirely based on what you sensed with your 5 senses. Now think about what you sensed with your 5 senses. TV, Radio, Newspaper, School, The shit your parents told you because they believed the same crap from school and media, parfum for the nose, sugar and other fake substances to make your food taste good (while infact its crap) for your taste, TV and other bullcrap to keep you from training your visualization powers and etc.

There is a sixth sense that can immitate all other senses. Its your imagination. And to keep you from training/expanding it you will be filled with all the fake stuff.

Now what rules your life entirely are three things: Your thoughts, your emotions and your animalistic urges.

Unless you get to control these three things they will control you.
To control them you need to meditate and to listen what life wants to tell you. Everything that seems bad to you is there for you to learn from. To not make it feel bad the next time you encounter it. Infact you can make it fill yourself with power the next time you come accross it, knowing its only for your ascension.
A simple rule: enjoy the good things in life ultimately, and be very greatful for the bad things as they help you grow from them. You can learn so much from a seemingly bad situation. If you make it a good situation it will become a good situation the next time. It will vanish. You learned your lesson out of it so life dont have to give you another bad situation like it. This is how you slowly but surely get rid of everything that you think is bad.

Depending on your goals the ‘bad’ can be pretty harsh. In magic they will become seemingly unbearable. But if you overcome them the outcome will be mindblowing and utter rewarding.

[quote=“Finiz, post:1, topic:5278”]Hi! Well this is my question, do you believe that magic is real…but why?

*i am including all kind of magic as well spirits, demos, angels, etc.[/quote]

This is such a daft question.



Experience. :slight_smile:

Of course. Because of results.