At the level i am what spell would likely be most fitting for getting actual results in the physical. Thanks.

Unfortunately he doesn’t hit this up much.
Your best bet is to ask the forum itself, we are a decently friendly lot. :slight_smile:

What level are you at?
From the other post I get that you’re just starting with Evokation?
If so I’d say that’s a good start, look it up here there are lots of good posts on what it is and how best to do it.
Once you can do that you can contact Spirits and learn more about changing your physical existence.

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To be honest because i never had a proper teacher i dont know where im at. Im a ‘kol bo’nick’ ie someone who tastes from every pot lol. But from my natral instincts it seems i do things too, that i find out afterwards, what it is sometimes too, like i remeber it abit from somewhere, weird but wonderfully familliar …